The Coastal & Marine Resources Centre (CMRC) was formally established in September of 1994.The CMRC represents a multi disciplinary group within University College Cork (UCC) which has arisen from a strong tradition in academic research, education, training and consultancy.

The interdisciplinary nature of the research projects carried out at the CMRC, calls for expertise from a variety of disciplines to facilitate understanding of the complex coastal environment. In 2002, the CMRC employs 16 scientists, including 4 PhD students, with diverse backgrounds in biology, computer science, hydrography, marine geology, environmental management, GIS and remote sensing, fisheries management, geomorphology.

The CMRC now forms an integral part of the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) in University College Cork as a critical source of expertise dedicated to ocean and coastal research and resource studies.


(Left) Castlemaine Harbour. Image from Landsat TM