Department of History, UCC  


The faculty of the Institute constitutes an active body of researchers, producing numerous books, articles, contributing to and organising conferences, participating in the public face of History and are well represented as media commentators and in international research networks. Notice of the most recent publications is posted here. In 2005, the University Quality Assurance report concluded that 'the number and quality of publication by academic sraff and present research students provide ample evidence of the excellence of the department's research and its high scholarly standing'. Hundreds of graduate students have benefited from the expertise of supervisors and mentors in the Department in a thriving research culture and environment, where they have developed the skills and abilities of professional historians and high quality doctoral candidates. The Institute will build on these fine traditions and practice and augment the programme to solidify its international standing.


UCC's Department of History holds a major Government of Ireland Research Project Grant awarded by the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Prof Dermot Keogh is the Principal Investigator of the project which is entitled Ireland and European Integration in a comparative international context. It comprises ten academics/researchers in Ireland, the Netherlands, the UK, the US, France, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. This study entails a detailed archival-based assessment of the diplomatic, political, economic and cultural links between Ireland and Europe from the end of World War II. The project commenced in March 2006, is managed by Dr Mervyn O'Driscoll and is approaching completion.



The Institute will engage in a range of activities aimed at promoting research. It will:

  • foster the reserach agendas and projects of UCC Faculty and Institute members
  • initiate research networks and act as a co-ordinating body between various projects, both discipline specific and inter-disciplinary
  • build on the strong publishing record of the Department
  • disseminate research through a range of seminars, conferences and symposia
  • disseminate research through the publication of a series of occasional papers
  • engage with the public and with Teachers of History at all levels
  • provide an important meeting place for scholars, centred on particular projects, seminar and events
  • host a platform for public lectures and an interactive forum of discussion both real and virtual
  • develop both the Arts and Social Sciences aspects of History in a research capacity
  • create a database of members and associates, their specialty areas, contacts and links to their web pages