Department of History, UCC  


The Institute is dedicated to the promotion of the study of History and to facilitating links and networks of historians within Ireland and with international scholars and to disseminate their findings. It strives to generate a deep understanding of the importance of the past for academics, policy makers, teachers and the public. By providing a range of services further to develop and enhance historical research, it will give leadership and a focus for historical research and activities within Ireland. It will also host a range of events related to the study of History to augment the research culture of History in Ireland at local, regional, national and international levels.


  • to create an institute that will become the focus for the study of History in Ireland and to provide a portal for Faculty, postgraduate students and the public to historical research
  • to foster, generate and disseminate research within the field and to related disciplines
  • to host a range of seminars, conferences and symposia
  • to foster research networks, bringing together scholars working in cognate areas
  • to seek funding for particular research projects and where possible to consolidate institutional links with like-minded institutes
  • to provide a range of training in historical methods, skills and abilities for the postgraduate community
  • to increase the number of research students and to develop a set of MA programmes that reflect the strength of the Institute faculty
  • to raise funds to further the programmes and to assist postgraduate research, travel and archival work
  • to act as a base of expertise for media and other consultation




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