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This two year part-time programme is open to those with an interest in understanding the changing role of women in Irish society or those who may have an interest in progressing to further education. The programme takes an interdisciplinary approach and introduces participants to the subjects of History, Art, Social Policy, Literature and
Philosophy and deals with issues of central concern to women. The aim of the programme is to develop awareness and skills which will enable women to examine the factors influencing their lives. This course will be offered subject to a minimum enrolment of twenty.

Year 1
HI1800: Women and History
To explore Irish Women's History from 1850-1980, and to construct a history of women.

EN1801: Women in Art I
To study the representation of Women in Visual Art. To explore women’s changing role in the development of the visual arts in western culture.

PH1801: Women and Philosophy
To look at how Philosophy answers questions about the different status enjoyed by men and women.

SS1812: Women and Social Policy
To explore social policy through the medium of research and by examining case studies.

EN1800: Women and Literature I
To explore biographies of women, "Retrospecters" by Dorothea Herbert; Modern Irish Poetry by Seamus Heaney, Rita Ann Higgins, John Montague, Eavan Boland etc.; Modern Irish Fiction from Molly Keane to Eugene McCabe.

Year 2
EN2800: Women and Literature II
To continue the examination of Modern Irish poetry and Irish Fiction introduced in year one.

HI2800: Body Politics/Sexuality
Sexuality and social control; Heterosexuality and Lesbianism; Pornography; Sexual Violence; Prostitution.

HI2801: History of Feminism
An examination of motherhood; women and violence; health issues; women and political participation.

EN2802: Women in Art II
To examine further the representation of Women in Visual Art for example “how does the presentation of women in fine art uphold contemporary notions of the feminine”? How does the artist work to challenge these notions?

Method of Assessment
Continuous Assessment in the form of written assignments and project work.

This programme may vary depending on who's on the teaching team.  The programme content below provides an indication of the kinds of subjects and issues examined.  Year 1 is subject based and Year 2 is issue based.
Please contact the Centre for Adult Continuing Education for further information and details of centres where the course will be on offer.

Information on whether Adult and Continuing Education Women's Studies Courses will run in any particular year can be had from the Centre for Adult Continuing Education.

Diploma in Women’s Studies

Centre for Adult
Continuing Education, UCC.

Women’s Studies is a stimulating and exciting way to develop a critical understanding of women’s position and experience in contemporary society, culture and politics. The Diploma in Women’s Studies is a two year interdisciplinary course which draws on literature, law, psychology, philosophy, social studies, and socio- political history. This broad range of disciplines opens up the world of feminist thought using cross-cutting, politically powerful themes such as gender, class, race, sexuality and diversity.

In Year 1, students are introduced to feminist thought through a critical analysis of women’s activism, work and care, masculinities, the social role of medicines and drugs, and the idea of the literary heroine.

In Year 2, students will engage with media and communications, sexuality and gender, history/herstory, global feminisms, and law, developing a wider understanding of how global and local conditions intersect with women’s lives.

A lot of learning in the information age is learning how to find things out. Throughout the course, students are encouraged and assisted to study and learn in a supportive, interactive environment, and are facilitated in developing IT, communication, writing, study and analytic skills – transferable skills that can be used in further educational, personal or employment settings.

For further information about the course, please contact:

Centre for Adult Continuing Education: T:+353 (0)21 490 2301/4719/4739 | E: | F:+353 (0)214276619

"The Laurels", UCC, Western Road, Cork

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