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Welcome to The VIP Project Website!

The VIP project is an 18 month  University  College  Cork  knowledge  exchange  project  funded  by  the  Irish  Research Council  for  the  Humanities  and  Social  Sciences (IRCHSS). This  project  is  primarily  concerned with  issues  of  inclusion  and  student  voice, identity,  and  participation  in Irish  primary  and  secondary schools.  The  project  aims  to  develop  classroom  and school  based strategies  for  learning  based  on  recent  developments  in  understanding  about  the  learning  process. This  project  seeks  to  develop  respect  for  the  learner's  perspective  and  promote learning  through the  integration  of  education  and  everyday  experiences.

Specifically  this  project  seeks  to:

  • Equip  practitioners  with  knowledge  and  strategies  at  class  and  school  level  for  enhancing  pupils'  full  participation  in  their  learning
  • Help  practitioners  understand  how  some  practices  may  constrain  participation  in  learning
  • Address  implementation  barriers  deriving  from  out  moded  practices  and  thinking
  • Extend  opportunities  for  learners  to  bridge  home, community  and  school  cultures
  • Contribute  towards  evidence  based  policies  on  inclusion  and  participation
  • Influence  education  policy  makers
  • Change  aspects  of  organisational  cultures  and  practices  in  schools
  • Explore  how  knowledge  is  shared  and  transformed  in  the  exchange  process
  • Challenge  traditional  patterns  of  exchange  with  outreach  groups

On this website you can  find  out  more  information  about  this  exciting  research  project.  Please  visit  our  News  page  for  the  latest  information  on  our  research   as  well  as  information  on  new  significant  education  policy  documents  or  up-coming  conferences. Details  of  the  international  speakers  visiting  UCC  as  a  part  of  this  project  will  also  be  available  here. Voice, Identity, Participation introduces  the  big  ideas  around  which  this  research  project  is  based. Resources and Podcasts provide  further  material  for  study.  Visit  our Research page  for  a  more  in  depth  description  of  the  research  project  and  our  latest  developments.  Archived  newsletters  are  available  in  our    page.  On  our UCC and Links pages  you  will  find  links  to  new  and  ongoing  research  in  the  field  of  education.

The VIP Project aims to promote, support, engage with and develop further research in the area of education. If you would like to help support our work please tell others about the website. Further information will be added to this site on a regular basis. If you would like to keep up to date with our latest news and research, as well as updates on other sociocultural research projects in the field of education please visit our Contact Us section and send us your email details. The focus of this project is on knowledge exchange and the importance of having a dialogue between teachers and learners. We are currently working with a group of teachers from the Munster area to develop this research. If you are a principal, teacher or an individual interested in this area we invite you to join the online component of the research. Just visit our Contact Us page and email your details to join the project and we will be delighted to accept your contribution to the project and offer you access to the Members  Only section of our site.

If  you  would  like  to  get  in  contact  with  us  for  further  information, or  to  contribute  to  or  join  the  project  please  see  our  Contact the Project Team  page.