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Online CityLab: The Socio-Economic Opportunity from European Renewables

21 Nov 2022

MaREI (Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy) at UCC and Drift for Transition at Erasmus University Rotterdam will host an online City Lab session on participation of citizens in renewable energy infrastructure projects. The event will take place at 2pm - 4pm (Irish time) on November 22 and is open to interested parties from across local authorities, academia, municipalities, NGOs, industry and policymaking. Register: UNIC CityLab: Eventbrite.

This online CityLab session will investigate different European approaches to socio-economic opportunities related to European renewables and outline ways in which more equitable strategies can be developed, aligning with a just transition approach.

The session will include an expert panel discussion and workshop to consider barriers to an equitable socio-economic approach and opportunities for moving forward. We will:

• Share critical reflections on socio-economic dimensions of energy infrastructure development in different European countries.

• Meet and network with people from policy, practice and research in this space.

• Initiate knowledge exchange and learning from each other’s contexts towards the potential for common approaches to the socio-economic opportunities of public engagement in renewable energy infrastructure development.

The event is part of the UNIC CityLab initiative, which brings together students, citizens, academia, and city stakeholders to work together to identify and solve societal challenges faced by post-industrial cities. Register via Eventbrite: UNIC CityLab: Eventbrite.


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