Two papers from URG presented at IUS 2013 in Prague

21 Jul 2013

Two papers by researchers from the Ultrasonics Research Group in UCC were presented at the 2013 Joint UFFC, EFTF and PFM Symposium held over 21–25 July 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The paper details were as follows:

  • W. Jiang and W. M. D. Wright, "Multi-Channel Indoor Wireless Data Communication Using High-k Capacitive Ultrasonic Transducers in Air", paper ID 1432.
  • W. M. D. Wright and S. G. McSweeney, "A Tethered Front-Plate Electrode CMUT for Broadband Air-Coupled Ultrasound", paper ID 659.

Pre-prints may be downloaded from the Publications section.

Ultrasonics Research Group

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