URG develops real-time ultrasonic parametric equalizer

25 Sep 2009

Research engineers in the Ultrasonics Research Group, UCC have developed a real-time parametric equalizer for ultrasonic applications.

The parametric equalizer is based on multiple switched-capacitor bi-quadratic filter elements arranged in parallel and controlled by a neural network, which allows the output response of an ultrasonic transducer to be manipulated in real-time. Additional output circuitry based on a sliding rail Antoniou equivalent inductor design also permits high bias voltages to be applied to the transducer. The technology is CMOS/BiCMOS compatible allowing for full miniaturisation. For more technical details and licensing information, please visit the section in the main menu.

The work was supported by Government of Ireland IRCSET Postgraduate Scholarships under the EMBARK Initiative.

Ultrasonics Research Group

Electrical and Electronic Engineering, School of Engineering, University College Cork, College Road, Cork, Ireland