UCC PLUS Traveller Mentoring Programme for Schools

The ACCESS UCC, PLUS Programme recognises that Travellers may experience additional obstacles and difficulties in realising their education potential and therefore require more specialised responses. Consequently, UCC PLUS has identified the Traveller Mentoring Programme as an appropriate means of supporting Traveller students in second level.


Target students:

The programme targets traveller students that have academic ability with support and encouragement to realise their potential to complete school and progress to third level or further education or training.


 Aims of Mentoring Programme:

  • In a culturally appropriate and inclusive way, provide encouragement, advice, guidance, academic and personal support, and advocate on behalf of Traveller students in the school.


  • Raise educational aspirations of students and parents and support students to link educational achievement to further education, training or career opportunities


  • Provide information re: subject choices, exams etc. and provide tuition / homework support.


  • Create an opportunity for students to express and address concerns or challenges


  • Support students re: self-organisation, study skills, attendance, punctuality etc.


  • Address with students any conflict that may arise between them and a teacher and liaise with teacher and student to resolve the conflict Liaise with all teaching staff in support of the student


  • Support students to secure work experience and provide support for students on work experience


  • Acknowledge students’ achievements and ensure that the students experience of education in the school is positive and affirming


  • Create an opportunity for students to think about, discuss and plan for progression to third-level.


  • Link with Traveller parents and ensure they are aware of school programmes / opportunities available to students and provide information regarding subject choices, exams etc.


  • Liaise with School Completion Programme and/ or Home School Community Links to support student participation.



ACCESS UCC PLUS, First Floor, The Hub, UCC, T12 YF78