HEAR Scheme Weekly Q&A

Welcome to the UCC PLUS+ HEAR webchat facility

A member of UCC PLUS+ staff is here to webchat with you live via the link below on Friday mornings 10 a.m. – 12 noon.  UCC PLUS+ would recommend that you view the HEAR video before joining the chat. 

If you are landing in the web chat room (link below) outside of advertised hours, you can read the answers already there and are welcome to leave a question and we will address it on or before the scheduled Friday when possible.

Please use the ask box in the chat room to post your own questions but please bear in mind that these questions can be publicly viewed.  Should you wish to contact us privately, please email us at HEAR@ucc.ie

Our first  HEAR webchat session is Friday, 18th December and every Friday thereafter from 8th January – 12th March.  

Web Resources:

HEAR Application Videos and Information

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UCC PLUS+ Programme

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