Easter School 2020

Hello from the UCC PLUS+ Schools Outreach Team

This year we have created a fun and interactive Easter School for our Transition Year students. Have fun exploring UCC virtually and we hope to see some of you on campus next year!



There are 10 steps that you must follow in order to complete UCC’s Easter School Connect 2020 Quiz

There are loads of prizes for entering.*

*UCC PLUS+ works with DEIS schools in Cork, Kerry & Waterford only. Please note - Easter School Connect 2020 is designed for the purpose of our linked DEIS schools only


 Quiz closes on Thursday, 30th April


1. Watch this welcome video from the UCC PLUS+ Schools Outrech Team 



2. Take a look at our Easter Schools Connect 2020 Poster


Explore the Quizzes below - remember we have great prizes up for grabs! 


3.UCC & Supports



4.College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Science



5.College of Business & Law



6.College of Science, Engineering and Food Science



7.College of Medicine & Health



8.Access PLUS+ - FE Support – Watch Video



9.UCC’s Graduate Attributes Programme

Have fun finding out what type of decision maker you are with our new Graduate Attributes Worksheet!   What did you score? – Workbook attached.

Graduate Attributes worksheet

Tell us what type of learner you are in our Feedback Form – next step!


10. Feedback Form – Let us know what you think! Even more prizes for completion!




UCC PLUS+ Programme

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