Orientation for UCC PLUS

Orientation for UCC PLUS (HEAR) Students

Orientation for UCC PLUS (HEAR) Students

2022 HEAR Entrants Orientation Programme

This information page is for HEAR Scheme  Students only.

The ACCESS UCC PLUS Programme looks after HEAR Scheme entrants to UCC. 

All other incoming first years should click this link https://www.ucc.ie/en/study/undergrad/orientation/orientation/for information on the main University Orientation dates for every First year, organised by the Admissions Office.

All incoming UCC PLUS first year students (HEAR Scheme Entry only) will also complete a mandatory EVENING HEAR Orientation programme in UCC , in person, within the first 2 weeks of course lectures starting. (See table below for your course). Attendance is compulsory according to the HEAR terms and conditions. 

These compulsory in-person orientation sessions will take place in the evenings here in our new Building on Campus - at 6.30 - see exact locations and date for your course in the table below,  so please ensure you have arranged to be free if you are in part-time employment. 

You will be required to attend ONE of these sessions, so as soon as you email us back to accept your UCC HEAR Course offer we can confirm your date in writing to you.

Once you get your UCC offer via the CAO and are HEAR eligible you will receive an email (to your email address that you registered with the CAO) from UCC HEAR HEAR@UCC.IE  a few days later, outlining the steps required to register for this UCC PLUS / HEAR Orientation programme. It is essential you read this email and respond by Wednesday 14th September latest. 










CK402 - 606 

6.30 - 9 pm 

Connection evening 

Kane G18 & The Hub 




CK201–307; CK113; CK118; CK401 

6.30 - 9 pm 

Connection evening 

Kane G18 & The Hub 




CK101 - 125 

6.30 - 9 pm 

Connection evening 

Kane G02 & The Hub 



SSO1 (M&H) 

CK701 - 740 

6.30 - 9 pm 

Connection evening 

Kane G18 & The Hub/B5 








If your parent(s) / guardian(s) are interested in hearing more about Access UCC PLUS supports for the coming year, they are invited to attend an online Parent's Information Session on: Thursday, September 22nd at 7pm. 


To attend the session, please ask them to click here at that time of the meeting

HEAR Orientation 2022 - What to do before you arrive

Once you get your CAO course offer, its really important to:

  1. Accept your CAO offer of a UCC course on www.cao.ie
  2. Check the email you will receive from HEAR/UCC PLUS  hear@ucc.ie or our from our programme Manager martin.flynn@ucc.ie after your CAO offer, and immediately follow the instructions to confirm your attendance at the mandatory ACCESS UCC PLUS programme Orientation on the correct date given for your course. 
  3. If you need  Accommodation advice for living arrangements for the academic year 2022/23 , visit this website and register as soon as possible. The ACCESS UCC PLUS programme does not source or pay for Accommodation for our students, we refer you to UCC's dedicated Accomodation Office Website https://www.ucc.ie/en/accommodation/ 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the ACCESS UCC PLUS Programme located?

The ACCESS UCC PLUS Programme is located on the 1st floor, The Hub Building, UCC Main Campus, College Road, Cork, UCC.

Campus is re-opened but some social distancing restrictions in terms of attending events in person are still in place due to COVID-19.    Staff are working in a blended way both from home and on campus.  Please contact hear@ucc.ie with your full name, surname and CAO number if you have any queries and we will get back to you within 1-2 working days during normal daytime office hours.  See maps 


 What supports are provided?

Once a HEAR eligible Student arrives at UCC as a new first year, the ACCESS UCC PLUS Programme office provides a huge range of academic, financial and social supports. See our full list of Supports for Current UCC PLUS Students. Whether your course offer was above or below the points required, all HEAR eligible UCC Students can avail of these supports. 

Do I need to have completed UCC Registration complete before coming to the UCC PLUS Orientation?

Yes and this is a separate process that you will have to complete along with all other UCC students –Details will be emailed to you directly from the UCC Admissions Office in September.  For more information visit: https://www.ucc.ie/en/study/undergrad/orientation/orientation/

 What is the difference between UCC PLUS Orientation and Main College orientation /Registration for first years?

HEAR Elligible student become Access UCC PLUS Programme Students when they join UCC in first year.  UCC PLUS students will need to complete both the UCC PLUS orientation and the separate, Main College Orientation and Registration day, designated for their course. Please see the following link for exact dates for your course.  https://www.ucc.ie/en/study/undergrad/orientation/orientation/

Do I have to attend ACCESS UCC PLUS / HEAR Orientation on the day / in person?

Yes attendance at a HEAR Orientation programme is mandatory for HEAR Eligible students at any 3rd level college you get a course place in, as part of your HEAR Terms and conditions.  At UCC you must attend the event in real time on the day , whether it is in person in Cork or online only (as determined by COVID-19 restrictions at the time).  Please take this into consideration as a factor when booking any late Summer travel plans.

 How do I organise student accommodation for the year?

UCC PLUS do not book or organise accommodation  for our students.  You will need to register with the dedicated Accommodation Service for all UCC Students at their website and register as soon as possible for updates on booking accommodation in light of the current covid-19 restrictions to academic life.

In general times, UCC has a Centralised Placement Service online for incoming first years who wish to avail of bed in a student complex.  Only students living at least 45kms away from the university will be prioritised via the service. To register for the service, students should complete the Accommodation Enquiry Form on their website as early as possible in 2022 to be considered for a room allocation. Although there is no guarantee that accommodation will be sourced, Accommodation staff will endeavour to assist where possible.  The following student complexes will be working with UCC as part of UCC's placement service: 

  • Copley Court, Copley Street
  • Deans Hall, Crosses Green
  • Farranlea Hall, Victoria Cross
  • UCC Castlewhite, Western Road
  • UCC Victoria Lodge, Victoria Cross
  • UCC Victoria Mills, Victoria Cross


Does ACCESS UCC PLUS pay for my accommodation for the year?

UCC PLUS usually provides our eligible HEAR students with a financial Bursary however this will not cover accommodation costs for the year.  You will need to apply for the SUSI Grant for assistance with accommodation costs.

 What is the SUSI Grant?

 SUSI ( Student Universal Support Ireland) provides financial support to all full time, third level students for fees and / or living costs.  To apply for this grant visit www.susi.ie .  This is separate and in addition to, any financial support that UCC PLUS may offer you as a HEAR eligible student at UCC and we recommend all HEAR eligible students apply for SUSI before  attending UCC.   You do not need to be HEAR eligible to apply for the SUSI grant.



ACCESS UCC PLUS, First Floor, The Hub, UCC, T12 YF78