Homework Club FAQ's

What is the Voluntary Homework Club Scheme all about?

The Voluntary Homework Club Scheme is a scheme whereby UCC students volunteer to be placed in a city-centre second level school to help Second Level students with their homework.  It runs one afternoon per week for 2 hours, for 7 weeks in the term.

What is the Aim of the Voluntary Homework Club Scheme?

The aim of the Voluntary Tutoring Scheme is to provide academic help to 2nd level school students.  It is envisaged that Tutors will provide additional academic support in school subjects which may prove difficult to students while doing their homework in a fun, social Homework Club environment.   The UCC PLUS+ Programme aims to foster better relations between UCC and DEIS linked schools while encouraging 2nd level school students to consider onward progression to third level particularly where there is little tradition of progression onto higher education.

Who Should Apply?

  • Enthusiastic and committed students who are interested in developing their teaching and communication skills
  • Students who would like to get involved in community voluntary roles
  • Students looking to gain transfereble skills 

What is the time commitment?

Tutors are asked to commit to one Homework Club for 7 weeks (approximately 2 hours per week)

Semester 1 - October to November 2019
Semester 2 - Post Christmas  (January – March) starting Mid Jan 2020


What days does it run? 

You will be working one set day a week at the same assigned school,  on either Monday ,Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon.  For those with keen computer literacy skills there is also the option of an Assistive Technology Homework club run on Thursdays  

How will I get to the school I've been assigned to?

Free coach transport is available from UCC to the schools and back again from Gaol Cross 

What are some benefits of joining the Homework Club?

Full participation in two UCC PLUS+ Homework Clubs will qualify you for a UCC Works internship award.  Click on the link for more details about UCC Works.

UCC PLUS+ Programme

1-2 Brighton Villas, Western Road, UCC, Cork