Homework Club FAQ's

What is the PLUS Programme Homework Club all about?

The PLUS Programme Homework Club  is an outreach programme whereby UCC students volunteer to be placed in a Cork city Secondary School to help students with their homework. Volunteers will help junior cycle students (1st- 3rd years). 

What is the Aim of the Homework Club?

The aim of the Homework Club is to provide academic supports to junior cycle students. It is envisaged that tutors will provide additional academic support to students in an encouraging, motivating & fun environment. The PLUS Programme Homework Club aims to foster closer relations between UCC and Cork City DEIS schools while encouraging  students to consider progression to third level, particularly where there is little tradition of progression onto higher education.

Who Should Apply?

  • Students who are empathetic, understanding, reliable and patient
  • Students who are interested in developing their teaching and communication skills
  • Students who would like to get involved in a volunteer programme. 
  • Students looking to gain and develop transfereble skills 
  • Students looking to add to their C.V 

What is the time commitment?

Tutors are asked to commit to one Homework Club for the full duration (between 5-7 weeks) for 2 hours per week (including travel time) in either semester 1 & 2, or both.

Tutors will commit to either a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for the duration of the programme.  

What days/times does it run? (includes travel time)

You will be assigned to a homework club at the same school, on the same day on either

  • Monday 15:00 - 17:30  
  • Tuesday 15:00 - 17:30 
  • Wednesday 13:00 - 14:30 
  • Wednesday 15:00-17:30 *
  • Thursday 15:00-17:30 *

*time slot may be added


Volunteers will remain in their assigned School & Day slot for the duration of the programme. We will do our best to offer students their 1st preference day/time slot, however on occasion it is not always possible.

What are the dates for Semester 1?


 Week Commencing 17th October 2022 - Week commencing 28th November 2022 


The final week of semester 1 will be held in UCC to celebrate College Awareness Week. 

What are the dates for semester 2?

 Application now open

Week commencing 23rd January 2023 – Week commencing 13th March 2023


How will I get to the school I've been assigned to?

We provide a return bus service from University College Cork to your assigned school. This is a free service for our volunteer tutors. 

Do I have to study the curriculum beforehand?

Volunteers do not need to know the Junior Cycle curriculum. The Homework Club's ethos is about showing students how to complete their homework correctly rather than doing the work for them. 

What are some benefits of joining the Homework Club?

With full participation in the Homework Club, you will be eligible to apply for the UCC EmployAgility Award - Volunteering Pathway

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