Grinds and Academic Support

‌Graduates to provide Grinds and Tutorials to our Undergraduate UCC PLUS+ students on Campus (Paid)

If you have completed your undergraduate degree and wish to work as a paid tutor to our UCC PLUS+ undergraduate students, please register with our tutoring partners at the Skills Centre to join the database of Potential Tutors  by clicking on this link to fill out an online application form .  For any queries about how to apply, please contact or call in to the Skills Centre in the Boole Library Basement (follow the yellow footprint stickers on the floor of the Boole Library) .  Their email address is (long link to application form)

Please note we pay the standard , Hourly, UCC PG Tutorial rate to all our Tutors for the UCC PLUS+ grinds.
Desirable criteria:   Candidates should ideally have practical experience of and familiarity with the UCC book of modules, accessing UCC Past Exam papers and have recently completed their own studies of the undergraduate modules themselves, which they now wish to tutor in. 

UCC PLUS+ Programme

UCC PLUS+, Access and Participation, First Floor, The Hub, UCC, T12 YF78