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The ACCESS UCC, PLUS Programme Provides Links to Under-represented School-leavers and Supports Students Entering UCC via the HEAR Scheme


 Education plays a crucial role in the social, intellectual, cultural, economic and political life ofIreland. Third level education is seen as increasingly necessary for a good quality of life and broader and more exciting career opportunities. Many groups and communities, however, are still very underrepresented at third level and in the university sector in particular. 

Working with secondary schools, the UCC PLUS Programme seeks to target students and to provide motivational and educational assistance to them throughout their secondary schooling to enhance their ability to compete for third level places. Currently there are a number of schools and colleges of further education linked to the Programme for this purpose.

Having achieved entry to the University UCC PLUS enables students to participate fully in student life and reach their full potential.

We look forward to meeting you.   
From all the UCC PLUS team;

Martin Flynn,  Evan Healy, Diane O'Connor, Jennifer Walsh, Maeve Minihane, Allison Carroll, Paul Geeleher, and our Funding & Budgeting team: Deirdre Falvey, Emma McNulty and Cian Power.

   Investing in Your Future


TEL: +353 (0)21 490 4805  EMAIL For schools and School Leavers: HEAR@ucc.ie 

EMAIL for Current UCC Students and other enquiries: : UCCPLUS@UCC.IE

Facebook: www.facebook.com/uccplusoffice  twitter:@uccplus

Staff Contact List


martin flynn 2014

Name: Martin Flynn

Position: Programme Manager

Email: martin.flynn@ucc.ie


 maeve minihane 2014

Name: Maeve Minihane

Position:  Schools Outreach Co-ordinator

Email: m.minihane@ucc.ie / hear@ucc.ie



Name: Evan Healy

Position: Student Support Officer

Email: uccplus_sso1@ucc.ie




Name: Diane O'Connor

Position: Student Support Officer

Email: uccplus_sso2@ucc.ie



Name: Jennifer Walsh

Position: Student Support Officer

Email: uccplus_sso3@ucc.ie


allisonpiccorrect size

Name: Allison Carroll

Position: Senior Executive Assistant

Email: allison.carroll@ucc.ie


Name: Paul Geeleher

Position: Senior Executive Assistant - Schools Outreach

Email: paul.geeleher@ucc.ie

Opening Hours and Location

The opening hours for the UCC PLUS+ Programme are:

Term Time:


Monday To Friday

9.00-13.00 & 14.00-17.00


Our offices are located at 1st Floor, The Hub,  University College Cork, Cork, T12 YF78. We are now up on main campus near the Library and the Quad. See the very bottom of this page for a link to UCC main campus location on google maps 

Click https://www.ucc.ie/en/thehub/insidehub/plans/ for an internal map of the HUB building showing our location on the 1st floor



UCC PLUS+ Programme

UCC PLUS+, Access and Participation, First Floor, The Hub, UCC, T12 YF78