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New US Patents Granted to UCC

26 Oct 2017
Two US Patents Granted on UCC inventions

We are delighted that two new UCC patents have been granted recently by the USPTO

Congratulations to Alan O'Riordan, Karen Dawson and Amélie Wahl on the granting of their patent

Nanowire electrode sensor

Patent number: 9,671,432

Abstract: The invention provides a sensor device comprising a nanowire electrode and a faradic shield, said faradic shield is adapted to prevent unwanted capacitive charging current in said sensor. The nanoelectrode device design with a metallic Faradic Shield layer significantly reduces the noise levels, increase the sensitivity of the sensors and allow measurements to be undertaken in less than 1 second

and  to Ray Duffy and Maryam Shayesteh on the granting of a patent on their invention

Patent number: 9,607,858
Abstract: The invention provides a method of forming at least one Metal Germanide contact on a substrate for providing a semiconducting device (100) by providing a first layer (120) of Germanium (Ge) and a second layer of metal. The invention provides a step of reacting the second layer with the first layer with high energy density pulses for obtaining a Germanide metal layer (160A) having a substantially planar interface with the underlying first (Ge) layer.

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