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New US Patents Granted to UCC

24 Apr 2017
Two new US Patents Granted on UCC inventions

We are delighted that two new UCC patents have been granted in the last month by the USPTO

Congratulations to John Atkins on the granting of his patent

Arterivirus protein and expression mechanisms

Patent number: 9,623,103

Abstract: The invention provides the discovery and characterization of a novel arterivirus protein (nsp2TF), whose expression is dependent on -2 ribosomal frameshifting at a site located in the nsp2 coding region. The coding region for the unique TF domain of nsp2TF overlaps the part of ORF1a that encodes the transmembrane region of nsp2 in arteriviruses, including PRRSV, LDV and SHFV.

and  to Paul Ross, Colin Hill, William Meaney on the granting of a patent on their invention

Patent number: 9597362
Abstract: The disclosure relates to the live cultures of probiotic bacteria to treat infectious diseases in humans and animals. Food-grade or non-pathogenic cultures are used to treat localised infections.

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