Entrepreneurship @ UCC

Company Creation @ UCC

UCC is committed to the strategic goal of being "a leading university for research, discovery, innovation, entrepreneurship, commercialisation and societal impact."

The following resources are available for staff, students or recent graduates interested in starting companies with UCC support:

Start-Up Company Establishment Process: How to use UCC Intellectual Property as the basis for a new start up compan, for UCC staff and external business partners

GatewayUCC incubation Facilities: A state of the art Innovation and Incubation Centre based at UCC to support and develop successful knowledge-based companies arising from UCC’s research, transforming knowledge into commercial success 

Gateway Sprint Accelerator Programme: to support early-stage start-ups, entrepreneurs and UCC-based researchers who are a the pipeline of Spin-Out and Researcher-Led start-ups

Ignite Graduate Business Innovation Programme: to support recent graduates to turn original ideas into innovative products and services, accelerate business start-ups and to create jobs by nurturing entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship at CUBS: Our aim is to nurture entrepreneurial talent through increasing our understanding of how some entrepreneurs excel at innovating, financing, scaling and harvesting their businesses. 

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