The TOTO project is very excited to announce the launch of The purpose of this resource site is to support the work of researchers investigating the interrelated phenomena of (1) open approaches to work, problem solving and innovation (e.g. Open Source Software, Open Content, Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding)and (2) financial, operational and stakeholder transparency in organizations. On the site, you will find bibliographies of research papers/books; directories of exemplar/relevant organisations, associations and projects; working papers by TOTO and other projects on openness/transparency topics, and information, support materials and proceedings/reports of TOTO organized research events.

Technology-Enabled Organizational Transparency and Openness (TOTO) is a research project hosted by BIS at University College Cork and funded by a grant from The Lewis Charitable Foundation (California, USA).

The objective of the TOTO project is to provide scholarly resources and thought-leadership to the global multi-disciplinary research community investigating technology-enabled organizational transparency and openness. 

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