Openness as an IS/IT Strategy (Track at ECIS 2013)

Openness as an IS/IT Strategy - Open Data, Models, Platforms, and Sources

(Track 21 at ECIS 2013, June 6-7, 2013, Utrecht)


IS/IT-enabled "open" phenomena—e.g., open source software, open data, open content, open innovation, collective intelligence, or crowdsourcing—have emerged as major themes in IS/IT practice and research. For example, open strategies of businesses may encompass open innovation approaches that look across organizational boundaries for finding suitable combinations of ideas and capabilities for product development with the help of IS/IT. Others have extended IS/IT-enabled open strategies to other parts of the "value chain" of their business: Many businesses now rely on IS/IT-based open and social approaches for marketing their product and for providing costumer support. In addition, many governments and non-for-profit organizations use or investigate open strategies.


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