Technology-Enabled Organizational Transparency and Openness (TOTO) is a research project hosted by BIS at University College Cork and funded by a grant from The Lewis Charitable Foundation (California, USA).

The objective of the TOTO project is to provide scholarly resources and thought-leadership to the global multi-disciplinary research community investigating technology-enabled organizational transparency and openness. 


In the terms of the project:

Organizational transparency refers to the level of visibility and disclosure of internal organizational status, operations and activities (e.g. processes, decision-making, relationships, financial status and beneficiaries of actions).

Organizational openness refers to the bi-directional flow of resources (e.g. funds and intellectual property) between organizations and other organizations, individuals and communities (e.g. open source software, open content, open innovation, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, etc.)


Specifically, we will be:

  • Assembling and publishing bibliographies of peer reviewed scholarship that investigates the sustainable creation and capture of value through technology-enabled organizational transparency and openness,
  • Organizing and facilitating a series of online and face-to-face meetings, workshops and seminars to stimulate discussion and knowledge exchange among transparency/openness scholars,
  • Creating a portfolio of topical agenda/research road maps to guide future research,
  • Publishing literature analyses and evidence-based literature reviews,
  • And conducting and disseminating primary research in selected transparency/openness areas.



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