National Army Soldier Michael Kenny


National Army Soldier Michael Kenny (aged 23) of 17 Russell Street, North Circular Road, Dublin (Mallow)

Date of incident: night of 18-19 Sept. 1923

Sources: CE, 19 Sept. 1923; MSPC/3D260 (Military Archives); FSS Cork Civil War Deaths.


Note: Private Michael Kenny was found drowned on 18 September 1923 while stationed with Free State forces at Broadview Barracks in Mallow. Private Thomas Moore drowned in the same incident. The Cork Examiner reported: ‘About midnight last night [Tuesday, 18 September] two soldiers of the National Army were crossing in a row boat from the north bank of the Blackwater to the southern side, where the bridge is in the course of reconstruction. A gale was raging at the time and a fierce current swept past. A boat which is believed to have been the one used by the soldiers has been found bottom upwards, but there is no trace of the ocuupants. The river is being carefully searched, but so far without result.’ See CE, 19 Sept. 1923.  

A military court of inquiry concluded that Kenny had not been on duty when the drowning occurred. He was buried in Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin on 22 September. A letter dated 23 September 1923 and sent to the Secretary of the Department of Defence stated that Kenny’s accidental death was deemed ‘directly attributable to his own serious negligence and misconduct’. Kenny had been serving with A Company of the 38th Infantry Battalion. Born in 1900, he had been a labourer in civilian life. His mother Elizabeth Kenny’s application for a graruity or allowance was denied. See MSPC/3D260 (Military Archives).

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