National Army Soldier John Duggan


National Army Soldier John Duggan (aged 17) of Clashmaguire in Clondrohid parish near Macroom (Carrigleigh near Macroom)

Date of incident: 4 May 1923

Sources: Death Certificate (Inchigeela District, Union of Macroom), 4 May 1923; MSPC/3D16 (Military Archives); Keane (2017), 361, 423.


Note: Private John Duggan was killed on 4 May 1923 at Carrigleigh in Inchigeelagh parish near Macroom. See Death Certificate (Inchigeela District, Union of Macroom), 4 May 1923. His pension file indicates that he had been killed accidentally by a gunshot fired by a cousin who was also a National soldier. See MSPC/3D16 (Military Archives)

Duggan had been serving in the Macroom Reserves attached to the 32nd Infantry Battalion of the National Army under Commandant Peadar O’Conlon. Duggan had enlisted about eight months prior to his death. Born in 1905, he had been a labourer and a draper’s assistant in civilian life. His mother Abina Duggan was awarded a gratuity of £80; she also received £50 from the White Cross. See MSPC/3D16.

According to the Civic Guard report of 21 July 1924, John Duggan was survived not only by his mother and father but also by five brothers and two sisters: ‘Four of the brothers and one sister are presently in America, and the other brother and sister are working at home. The members in America contribute £10 yearly (£2 each) towards the upkeep of the home. The two members at home are earning 7/- [7s.] each per week, but as far as can be learned, they do not contribute any money towards the support of the parents.’ The parents were very elderly, unable to work, and lived in a small labourer’s cottage. John Duggan’s mother Abina Duggan stated in her claim of 27 November 1923: ‘Deceased was the only child I had at home earning [an income] and I depended on him to keep the home. I had 13 children; 7 are dead, 4 in America, and two at home.’ See MSPC/3D16.

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