Civilian Jeremiah O’Callaghan


Civilian Jeremiah O’Callaghan (aged about 30) of Mallow (Mallow)

Date of incident: 27 Aug. 1922

Sources: Death Certificate (Mallow District, Union of Mallow), 27 Aug. 1922; CE, 29 Aug. 1922; Keane (2017), 298, 416.


Note: While a National Army soldier stationed at Mallow ‘was examining his rifle in a room at the police barracks on Sunday, [27 August 1922], the weapon accidentally went off, [with] a young man named Jeremiah O’Sullivan, from the town, who happened to be in the room at the time, being mortally wounded. The remains were subsequently conveyed to the mortuary chapel of the parish church.’ See CE, 29 Aug. 1922. O’Callaghan was shot in the head and died from shock and haemorrhage within ninety minutes at Mallow Military Barracks. See Death Certificate (Mallow District, Union of Mallow), 27 Aug. 1922. 

Jeremiah O’Callaghan Jr was in 1911 the eldest child and eldest of the three sons of the mason and widower Jeremiah O’Callaghan Sr of 8 Bridewell Lane in Mallow. The father’s three sons and two daughters co-resided with him in that year. His son Jeremiah was then 19 years old. The 1911 census shows only one other Jeremiah O’Callaghan as a resident of Mallow, and his age rules him out of consideration.             

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