Anti-Treaty Soldier Jeremiah (Jerry) Hourigan or Hourihan


Anti-Treaty Soldier Jeremiah (Jerry) Hourigan or Hourihan (aged about 35) of Mayfield, Cork city (Rochestown)

Date of incident: 9 Aug. 1922

Sources: Death Certificate, dated 8 Aug. 1922; CE, 9 Aug. 1923; List of IRA Interments (Boole Library, UCC); Roll of Honour, Cork No. 1 Brigade (Cork Public Museum, Fitzgerald Park, Cork); IRA Pension Rolls, MSPC/RO/28 (Military Archives); Rebel Cork’s Fighting Story, 25; O’Farrell, Who’s Who, 216; Cork One Brigade (1963), Roll of Honour; Last Post (1976 ed.), 95; O’Mahony (1986), 106; Borgonovo (2011), 147, fn. 30: Keane (2017), 293-94, 416.


Note: The labourer Jeremiah Hourigan was killed in action while fighting with the anti-Treaty IRA at Rochestown against the National Army troops sent by sea and land to capture Cork city. He was interred in the Republican Plot in St FInbarr’s Cemetery in Cork, where his gravestone records the date of his death as 9 August 1922. See Last Post (1976 ed.), 95; Keane (2017), 293-94. He was a member of the First Battalion of the Cork No. 1 Brigade. See Cork One Brigade (1963), Roll of Honour; CE, 9 Aug. 1923. 

Jerry Hourigan was in 1911 one of the five children of the elderly Cork city gardener James Hourigan (aged 74) and his wife Mary. Three of their five children (all adults) resided with them in that year in the Caheragh district of the city, including their son Jerry (then aged 24), who was the youngest of the three children still at home.

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