Private B. Pincher

Private B. Pincher (Service Number 3513066) of the Manchester Regiment (missing from Ballincollig Military Barracks, abducted, executed, and disappeared by IRA)

Date of incident: 20 Feb. 1921

Sources: http://www.cairogang.com/soldierskilled/REGIMENTS/regiments/-manchester.htmlhttp://www.tameside.gov.uk/museumsgalleries/-mom/objectfocus/razor#top (accessed 21 Aug. 2015); Pre-Truce Absentees from British Troops in Ireland (INA MA, A/07304); Murphy (2010), 336.


Note: Along with Privates George Henry Caen, Albert Mason, and Frank Roughley, Private Pincher went missing from Ballincollig Military Barracks, the main base of the Manchester Regiment in County Cork. Pincher disappeared on 20 February 1921. ‘They had all been declared absent from barracks at various dates in early 1921 and initially were believed to have deserted. Sufficient information concerning Roughley was later received to show on his documents—“Death accepted for official purposes”. It is now believed that all four men were abducted by the IRA and killed.’ See http://www.tameside.gov.uk/museumsgalleries/-mom/objectfocus/razor#top

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