Civilian James or Jeremiah Mullane

Civilian James or Jeremiah Mullane (aged 22) of 17 Paul’s Avenue, Cork city (near Paul’s Avenue)

Date of incident: 20 March 1921 (ex-soldier killed by crown forces)

Sources: CE, 21 March 1921; II, 21 March 1921; FJ, 21 March 1921; CC, 23 March 1921; CWN, 26 March 1921; CCE, 26 March 1921; Military Inquests, WO 35/155B/26 (TNA); Borgonovo (2007), 99, 165.


Note: An ex-soldier, James Mullane was ‘proceeding home [on Sunday night, 20 March 1921] shortly after curfew hour (nine o’clock) when he was overtaken by a curfew patrol. He was, of course, challenged but did not respond and was fired on and fell. The patrol conveyed him to the Mercy Hospital, where on arrival it was found that life was extinct, and that death was due to a gunshot wound in the chest.’ See CCE, 26 March 1921. The Irish Independent of 21 March gave the victim’s name as John Mullane; the military inquest gave it as Jeremiah Mullane.

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