Volunteer Thomas McDonnell

Volunteer Thomas McDonnell (aged about 27) of Dunmahon near Glanworth (Corracunna Cross near Mitchelstown)

Date of incident: 21 July 1920

Sources: FJ, 23, 27, 29 July 1920; CE, 24, 27, 30 July 1920; II, 24, 30 July 1920; CC, 27 July 1920; CWN, 31 July 1920; Patrick J. Luddy’s WS 1151, 10 (BMH); Inquest Book, no. 2, 1897-1929 (TNA); Rebel Cork’s FS, 259-60; Last Post (1976), 69; ‘The Irish Rebellion in the 6th Division Area’, Irish Sword, 27 (Spring 2010), 137; Corracunna Cross Memorial. 


Note: McDonnell was one of two young men of the labouring class—both Volunteers but not on duty—who were shot dead by the military at Corracunna Cross near Mitchelstown on the night of 21 July 1920. See the previous note for details. In 1911 Thomas McDonnell was one of the eight children of the unlettered farmer’s labourer James McDonnell (then aged 72) and his much younger wife Margaret (then aged 53). Of their eight children, five sons including Thomas (then aged 18) and one daughter co-resided with them at house 7 in Killeagh (Glanworth East) in that year. Volunteer McDonnell appears to have been residing and working in the nearby townland of Dunmahon at the time of his death. He was buried in Glanworth. 

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