Research Overview

University College Cork (UCC) is committed to being a research-led university, recognised for its distinctive, high quality centres of research. Our strategy is to create substantial centres of excellence for world-class research in which individual scholars and research groups are given maximum freedom to pursue their investigations. While UCC will continue to encourage and support individual researchers, resources are being targeted strategically to consolidate national investments in centres of excellence built around internationally-validated world-class interdisciplinary teams addressing regional and national priorities.

UCC’s research strategy is based on its internationally recognised research strengths and its commitment to harness and evolve these strengths to respond to novel research challenges in a rapidly changing world. It represents highly focused and sustainable development of world-class scholarly activity in the Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Engineering.The success of our strategy over the past decade can be measured by our excellence in publication output, our success in winning competitive internationally peer-reviewed research contracts, attracting inward investment to Ireland, and supporting regional development.

An analysis of key research input and output metrics for the period 2003 to 2008 clearly illustrate our success:

  • The number of full-time equivalent academic staff has increased from 607 to 781 (+29%)
  • Expenditure on peer-reviewed research projects has risen from €45M to €71M (+58%)
  • The number of enrolled PhD students has risen from 525 to 925 (+76%)
  • The annual output of ISI-listed papers has risen from 643 to 1073 (+67%)
  • The annual output of PhDs has grown from 81 to 139 (+72%)
  • UCC/Tyndall currently host 28% of the SFI-funded PIs in IC&ET nationally and 16% in Life Science
  • UCC leads one SFI CSET (Centre for Science Engineering and Technology) and four SRCs (Strategic Research Clusters), and are partners in 3 and 5 others, respectively
  • In 2008, UCC licensed 13 technologies to a range of multinational organisations and SMEs

The research strategy of the university over the next five years will focus on increasing the output of doctorates via structured PhD programmes, raising the quantity and quality of our research, diversifying our funding sources, and stimulating economic, social and cultural development regionally and nationally.

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