Collaborative Research and Consultancy

The Office of Technology Transfer will help you to identify the most appropriate academic in the research area of interest to you. View our research overview page for more information on our areas of research. 

Research Expertise at UCC

UCC’s core research strengths can be summarised under the following themes:

  • Biosciences, Clinical & Oral Health Sciences
  • Chemical & Physical Sciences
  • Computational & Mathematical Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Food & Health, Food Science & Technology, Food Biotechnology and related areas
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Information & Communication Technologies
  • Business
  • Law & Government
  • Microelectronics & Nanoscale Science

To discuss in confidence your research needs, please contact:

T: +353 (0)21 420 5880

Researchers at UCC undertake a variety of collaborations with industry. Sponsored research agreements are the most common form of industry collaborations whereby UCC agrees to conduct research for a sponsoring party.

UCC has established a number of Template research collaboration agreements to facilitate the different types of interactions that UCC may wish to have with us.

In the context of the legal relationship, the agreements provide for clarity on ownership of intellectual property (IP) resulting from the sponsored research and access provisions available to the partners

For further information, please contact:

T: +353 21 4205880

The Innovation Partnership Initiative offers financial support to companies who engage in collaborative research projects with Irish universities and institutes of technology. Enterprise Ireland provides grants of 50% to 70% towards eligible costs of the research project. The proposal process and administration of the project is managed by the participating third level research institution.

An Innovation Partnership with a third level research institution can:

  • Increase the development potential of your business
  • Give your company access to hot technologies developed in the Irish third-level sector
  • Provide a cost-effective approach to innovative product and process development.

For more information visit Enterprise Ireland's Innovation Partnership site.  In particular from an IP management perspective we would recommend reviewing Enterprise Ireland mandated IP terms for this programme

If you own or manage a small company and you have a business opportunity or problem that you want to explore, you may be eligible for an Innovation Voucher worth €5,000.

The objective of the Innovation Voucher initiative is to build links between Ireland's public knowledge providers and small businesses and create a cultural shift in the small business community's approach to innovation.

UCC has created template short contracts designed to fulfill the terms of the Innovation Vouchers and to facilitate smooth engagement with UCC's research community and  technical expertise.

For more information visit the Innovation Vouchers website.

UCC Technology Transfer will help to identify research capacity within UCC that may be able to support your EU research programme ambitions

Contact UCC Office of Technology Transfer by email or phone (021 4205880)

UCC is available to engage with relevant industry partners under EU Framework funding.  To maximise the service that we can provide UCC has established UCC PRIME

What is PrimeUCC?

The Project Research and Innovation Management Enterprise is a Project Management service for researchers at UCC.

The overall objective of PrimeUCC is to support the UCC research community in exploiting new research funding opportunities by reducing the administrative burden associated with managing complex and multi-partner research proposals and projects.

Horizon 2020 is the latest EU framework programme for research and innovation.

PrimeUCC is focused on project management services for proposals and projects associated with Horizon 2020 initially. If you are interested in coordinating a Horizon 2020 project or engaging with the ERC (European Research Council) and need project management support then please contact us as early as possible in your planning process.

The purpose of UCC's collaborative research activities is to add true value to industry by helping companies become globally competitive on a sustainable basis. The following case studies are some examples of how this has been achieved.

Treemetrics and Cork Constraint Computation Centre (4Cs)

An Innovation Partnership between Treemetrics, a cork-based forestry measurement company and 4Cs, an optimisation lab based at UCC led to Treemetrics securing a number of contracts internationally and establishing them as an innovative company offering critical solutions to the forestry industry...

Download the Treemetrics Case Study

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