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Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) in third level education continues to grow unabashed and both teaching and learning must adapt to changing technologies. Key to the growing development of this is the education of those who would use this technology for the purposes of teaching and learning – teacher education and development are central to the successful national ICT interventions. 

In the Republic of Ireland, as elsewhere, the use of online technologies has become an increasingly important challenge in academic staff development. However, without adequate training and an awareness of how to effectively implement these tools, the effectiveness of these tools can become diluted and may even become counter-productive. In keeping with this, one of the recommendations of the High Level Group on the Modernisation of Higher Education is that instructors should receive adequate training to ensure effecting use of Technology Enhanced Learning Tools.

Effective pedagogy is key to this construct. Though a large number of open-source and commercial TEL tools exist, without sufficient training on how to put these to practical use, they may in the main be incorrectly or under utilised. 

This project will develop teaching and learning resources to equip teachers with the tools and knowledge required to utilise tools and resources for TEL in an effective and practical manner. Resources will focus on assisting instructors in identifying different teaching approaches and the technologies that can support and enhance those approaches. The project will cover practical pedagogical principles for TEL, based on best international practice and theory, as reflected by all partners experience in TEL. The resource will clearly outline the key benefits to those TEL tools, placing them in the context of useful and effective modes of assessment and learning (e.g. independent learning, work-related learning, peer- assessment, etc.). Real-world case studies (e.g. Capturing reflective learning using video or, Promoting learner autonomy through media design and online delivery) will be researched and reported throughout the project, exemplifying the use of TEL tools and contextualising the use of them in third level.

Content in the platform will consist of a series of short, media-rich learning objects (Bricks). Each of these bricks will focus on a specific practical aspect of implementing effective TEL. These bricks will be available for individual viewing, but bricks will also be organised into Stacks. These stacks will string together a series of learning bricks which will have a larger learning objective. Users will be able to create their own strands using bricks for active, self-orientated learning.

For further information on this project, please contact Tom O'Mara on 021 490 3874 or email:

TEL Tools – Pedagogical Resources for Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning

Project Team

Dr Catherine O'Mahony
Mr Tom O'Mara
Dr Rosarii Griffin

Cork Institute of Technology (Project Lead)
Tralee Institute of Technology
University College Dublin
Dublin Institute of Technology

National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education; Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund 2014 (Building Digital Capacity)

January 2015 - December 2016

Office of the VP for Learning and Teaching

Oifig an Leasuachtaráin Foghlama agus Teagaisc

East Wing, Main Quadrangle, UCC