Below are some of the more frequently asked questions about the Digital Badging Process. If you cannot find the answer to your query, please email: digitalbadges@ucc.ie.

What information should I include in the badge description?

A short overview of the badge, mentioning its purpose and audience needs to be provided as part of the meta-data for the badges digital administration and published information associated with the badge. This cannot be changed once the badge is created and is important to external viewers wanting to verify a validated badge.

What information should I include in the Learning Outcomes?

Each badge will recognise accomplishment by identifying at least two learning outcomes that the earner must meet but you can submit up to four. Learning outcomes are statements that specify what learners will know or be able to do as a result of participating in the badge content and activity. Bloom's taxonomy provides useful guidance on appropriate verbs for writing learning outcomes. If you require assistance with writing learning outcomes, please contact: digitalbadges@ucc.ie.

What is meant by 'Duration'?

Duration is the length of time you require the badge to exist for. If the badge relates to a particular time-set, event or piece of work that is likely to change, please take this into consideration when determining the lifespan. Please note: the maximun duration is 5 years.

What is considered 15 - 20 hours learners effort?

While everyone works at a different pace and enters into projects and learning at different points and with different background knowlegde and skills, the Digital Badge SubCommittee would like to know what you estimate would be for a 'typical' badger earner to achieve a badge. 'Learner effort' can include attendance, reading (online or text based), online or in class assessment or participating in an online discussion forum.

Our college / department / centre, would like to issue several badges. Do I need to submit an application for each?

Yes, please apply for each badge using a separate application.

Is it important for the badge to be endorsed?

Yes. If you are collaborating with several partners, please list these accordingly.

Is it important to specify the target earners?

Yes, please include the demographic that will be eligible to apply for a badge.

Is it possible to have badges that link in with one another to create a learner pathway?

Levels of badges can be linked with various levels of accomplishments i.e. aligned to competencies. Badges should demonstrate that consideration has been given to potential future badge pathways that support learning trajectories.

I’d like to issue a badge(s) for campus wide distribution. Can I meet the DBSC to discuss?

Yes, the DBSC are open to discussing how badges can be integrated into the wider UCC eco system. To meet the team, please books a session by clicking on this link or email: digitalbadges@ucc.ie.

Is there an online forum where I can track participates application progress or upload documentation?

Not at the moment.

What types of assessment can participates undertake to qualify for a badge?

There are many modes of assessment, for example:

  • a reflective log / journal / report, 
  • complete an in-class or online assessment,
  • attend a number of workshops,
  • participate in a volunteer programme / peer assessment session / roundtable discussion,
  • create a video presentation / digital profile,
  • present a paper,
  • develop a business plan.

What is meant by advising and recording requirements for assessment and evidence?

You will need to inform participates how and why their assessment data is retained for the purpose of the badge and how that information will be stored. Earner’s information and details must be stored and managed in line with GDPR regulations.

What is meant by advising on and collecting personal data for internal records and digital administration?

You will need to inform participates on how and why their personal data (i.e. email addresses, artefacts), will be retained for the duration of the badge and how that information will be stored. Earner’s information and details must be stored and managed in line with GDPR regulations.

If my badge application is not approved, can I appeal the decision?

Yes, you are welcome to appeal the DBSC's decision not to approve your badge. To do so, please email: digitalbadges@ucc.ie.

How do I retrieve my digital badge?

In the email instructions from the Open Badge Factory, please select Click Here to Collect your Digital Badge. To add the badge to your LinkedIn Profile:

1. Open Badge Passport, from the left menu choose 'My Badges' and then click on the relevant badge. Then copy the URL of the resulting page.
2. Log on to your LinkedIn profile, click Profile > Edit Profile from the top menu
3. Go to the section you want to add the badge to (e.g. Summary or a particular role under the Experience section). There should be a small button with the image of a box and a plus sign to the bottom right corner. Click this, paste in the URL and save.

What is the value of a digital badge?

Earning digital badges is a great way of highlighting your achievements to both national and international employers. It shows to the world the knowledge and skills you demostrated to achieve your badge from a respected, credible source. You can also use digital badges to publicise your accomplishments on social media, on your website and in your email signature.

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