Classes & Workshops

Classes and Workshops

Classes - Term 3:

All welcome!  No specialised clothing required. 

Tuesday Classes:

Time:   1.00 – 2.00pm                                  

Venue:  Kane G20 (Science Building)

Dates:   Commencing 17th February 2009

The classes are taught by Brendan McElroy who works in the Economics Department.  He has been studying Jang style Tai Chi since 1995 under Master Ann McIlraith and Grand Master John Kells.  Their style focuses heavily on Heartwork, which Brendan brings into his classes.

The Tuesday classes are an introduction to Tai Chi and Energy Work, teaching warm-up exercises, Chi Gung postures, Figures of 8, and some postures from the Short Form.  It’s a very relaxing and energising way to spend your lunchtime.

As this is a drop in class, no previous experience is required and all are welcome.

Please note that this class does not teach the form. 

Friday Classes:

Time:   1.00 – 2.00pm

Venue:  L3 (Electrical Engineering Building)

Dates:   Commencing 20th January 2009 

The Friday classes are a continuation of the Short-Form classes that ran until May 2008 and are open to members who are already familiar with the beginning postures. 


Tai Chi Master Ann McIlraith gave a well received workshop on Saturday 18th October 2008 in UCC.  This workshop was open to members and non-members, UCC staff, postgraduate students and some non UCC staff.  Details on the next workshop are as follows:

UCC Staff Tai Chi Club Workshop:

Saturday March 14th and Sunday March 15th in AL10 (Arasna Laoi). 

Steven Moore will run a two day workshop. 

2 sessions each day 

  • 11.30 to 2pm and
  • 3pm to 5.30pm each day 
  • One session €25
  • Two sessions €40
  • The lot for €75 

Beginners and Improvers Welcome 

In Steven's own words: 

“Use energy not force” is the instruction I remember most from my first Tai Chi lesson in September 1984. It appealed to me instantly – I loved its poetry – but I had no idea what it really meant: it stimulated my imagination to run riot with possibility whilst meaning next to nothing to the small part of me rooted in solid experience. So in these workshops we will be looking at its deep practical meaning – what it means to use all our knowledge, wisdom and spirituality to maintain an energetic system – namely ourselves, upon the Earth, with the Heavens above, interacting with others."

Directions to the Workshop 

AL10 is in Aras na Laoi. 

Coming from College Road (heading towards the Bons Hospital), turn right at the lights onto Gaol Walk, continue down the hill under the walkway and turn left to go in the gate at the bottom of the hill. The barrier will be up - you can park in this car park.  There is an old yellow building on your left, proceed to the west side of this building (the side facing the large newer grey building), go through the double doors, take the first door to the left and AL10 is at the end of this short corridor. 

Coming from Western Road heading out of the city, turn left at the Ulster Bank near UCC, over the bridge with the Jail in front of you, turn right and the gates to Aras na Laoi are in front of you. The remainder of the direction are as above.

Staff Taichi Club

Instructor: Brendan McElroy, Department of Economics.