FAQ - PGCert/MSc Sustainability in Enterprise

How do I apply for the PGCert/MSc in Sustainability in Enterprise?

All students apply and register for the Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainability in Enterprise in the first instance. On successful completion and award of the Postgraduate Certificate, students have the option of continuing on to complete the MSc in Sustainability in Enterprise. You can apply online at the online application portal.

When is the start date for the course?

The 2023-2024 intake for the PGCert in Sustainability in Enterprise commences on 11th September, with an induction session on 4th September.

What will the timetable be like?

Classes are delivered weekly on Monday evenings from 18:30-20:30 across two semesters.  In addition, there will be three full day online workshops, dates to be announced prior to course commencement.

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What does the course cover?

Year 1 (Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainability in Enterprise)

Year 2 (for completion of the MSc in Sustainability in Enterprise)

What is the progression route from PGCert to MSc in Sustainability in Enterprise?

Students complete 3 modules to the value of 30 credits in the first year.  Students who pass each module independently are eligible for the award of PG Cert and can progress to the MSc.

Year 2 comprises of modules to the value of 30 credits and a dissertation worth another 30 credits.  Students must pass each module in year 1 and 2 (60 credits), obtain a 50% aggregate mark in the taught modules in Year 2 (30 credits) and 50% in module CE6050 (Applied Research Methods in Sustainability in Enterprise) to be eligible to submit the Dissertation (CE6051).  Students who obtain no less than 50% in the dissertation will be awarded the MSc in Sustainability in Enterprise.  You can view the PG Cert/MSC Progression Route.

What are the assessment methods?

Assessments take the form of continuous assessment. Further information on assessment methods and learning outcomes can be found by searching individual module codes on the UCC Book of Modules

Why study for the PGCert/MSc in Sustainability in Enterprise?

The transition towards a sustainable and net-zero carbon enterprise is one of the biggest opportunities for companies in the coming years to drive innovation, increase competitiveness and stimulate growth, while also managing risk.

The Postgraduate Certificate and MSc in Sustainability in Enterprise will develop highly competitive graduates with expertise in environmental sustainability, sustainability in business and management, and in systems thinking. These combined skills ensure that graduates will be able to solve complex multi-faceted sustainability challenges both now and in the future. Graduates will be employed in sustainability roles in business, industry, enterprise and large organisations across a variety of sectors.

What kind of job would this course prepare me for?

This programme would ideally prepare candidates for leadership roles in environmental sustainability and decarbonisation within business and enterprise. However, the skills acquired as part of this programme would also be highly applicable to other roles within enterprise.

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