DMIS Mark Entry Guides

1. Department Preferences

 The elements and uses of the Maintain Department Preferences screen in DMIS are detailed below.

1.1 Find Department

1.2 Highlight a New Student 

1.3 Highlight a Cancelled Student

1.4 Who can Break Code

1.5 Borderline Bands

1.6 Add Department Administrator

1.7 Remove a Department Administrator

1.1 Find Department

The Maintain Department Preferences screen will load with blank values.

Type the name of the Department, then tab out of the Department field.

If a match is found for the Department name you have typed, then the Maintain Department Preferences screen will be populated with the information for that Department.

Please note: It is also possible to search for a department by selecting the small square box that is located to the right of the Department field.

You can then scroll through the list of Departments, or use the Find field to locate the required department.

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 1.2 Highlight a New Student 

This option allows a department to specify the Number of Days for which a student will be highlighted as a new student  after they have registered.

In the example below, 30 days has been set as the value for highlighting a new student.

As per the above example, when a Student is registered for a module, and the registration date is within the last 30 days, an ‘N’ indicator will be presented on DMIS when marks are being entered for modules that are owned by the specific Department.

The screen where the 'N' indicator is displayed can be viewed by using the Enter Student Marks>By Student List/Element menu option in DMIS. 

As below the Enter Exam Marks option ‘By Student List/Element’, will present an ‘N’ Indicator for New Students. 

1.3 Highlight a Cancelled Student

This option allows the department to specify the Number of Days after a student has been cancelled, where the cancelled student will still appear on DMIS Reports.

In the example below, 30 days has been set as the value for highlighting a cancelled student.

Then when running a Module Class List, which can be accessed from the Reports>Generate Standard Report menu, a Student that has been cancelled within the last number of days, as specified in the ‘Number of Days’ field, will still be displayed on the report but with a ‘C’ status.

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1.4 Who can Break the Code

The Who can Break Code option allows the DMIS Department Administrator to specify the DMIS Staff level at which the code is broken in their own department.

There are 2 options available for who can break the code:

Option 1 – Department Administrator
Option 2 – Module Coordinator

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1.5 Borderline Bands

The Borderline Band settings impact the DMIS Standard Reports.

Fail Borderline: 

This setting enables a department to highlight students that are a specified number of marks below the Pass mark for the module.

Other Bands Borderline:
This option is similar to the Fail Borderline except it highlights students that are a specified number of marks below the next band.

Exam Marks that are within the specified bands are tagged with the letter ‘b’ on the Standard Reports.

Either value should be set to 0 if the department does not want to highlight these cases.

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1.6 Add Department Administrator

Select the Add User Button

Select the small square grey button to the right of the Name field.

Once you have located the staff member, click on the name so that the line is highlighted in blue, then click OK button.

The staff name will be presented in the Add User popup screen. Click Save on this screen.

A message is presented which states: Department Administrator added successfully. Click the OK Button.


The New Department Administrator is now added to the list of Dept Heads/Administrators.


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1.7 Remove a Department Administrator

Select the User that you want to remove. The selected line will turn blue.

 At the top of the Screen - Select the Action menu in the top left corner of the screen then select Delete Row.

A User Deleted Message will appear – Click the OK button.

After deleting a user, ensure to save your Change.

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