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Sarah Jameel

Sarah Jameel

4th Year Dentistry, Quercus Active Citizenship Scholar, from Colombo, Sri Lanka and Montreal, Canada.

Why did you choose UCC?

It was during my first day of orientation; when I was giving a file with three facts on UCC. I now call it the Holy Trinity that really makes me adore this place. It's progressive, green and it is built upon a tradition of independent thinking. It was my first day on campus when I learned that women studied Medicine here 20 years before they were allowed to at Oxford. This pretty much sealed the deal for me. I was sure this was the type of progressive institution I wanted to be part of and call my Alma Mater. With a female Head of the School of Medicine and Health (Prof. H. Whelton) and the first female Dean of Dentistry (Dr. C. McCreary), both two incredible Women in Science -  it is indeed a great time to learn and be at UCC.

 Besides that, UCC is a school with a true conscience, and its student-led initiative to be aware and reduce the carbon footprint on campus has made it the world's first green campus. And all this culminates in and reflects its tradition of independent thinking, where we are taught that great minds don't think alike.

What extracurricular activities do you take part in while attending UCC?

I served as the Sponsorship Officer and Secretary at the UCC Dental Society for 2017/2018.

What are your best memories of UCC so far?

This year, in celebration of World Oral Health Day, one of my fellow dental classmate and I created an immersive 3D art experience -"in your personal space" from 8-17 May 2018 at University College Cork's The Glucksman Art Gallery - where one could touch & feel - learn & laugh at the simplicities & complexities of Dentistry away from a clinical setting, but in the relaxed setting of an art gallery.

 The opening reception turned out to be more than we could ever imagine. It was truly an honour to have it officially opened to the public by UCC President Prof. Patrick O' Shea, our first female Dean of Dentistry at University Dental School and Hospital, Cork - Dr. McCreary, Registrar & Deputy President of UCC - Prof. O' Halloran, and Director of The Glucksman Art Gallery on campus - Fiona Kearney. And above all, it was truly surreal and ‪we were humbled to have had our esteemed faculty who entered our brains & inspired us from day one with their teaching of anatomy and histology and biochemistry and surgery to witness this knowledge translation of science turning into art and being released to the public. And amidst our busy schedules of seeing patients and the crazy logistics of running between the hospital and the art gallery in the organization of this initiative, we wouldn't have had it any other way.

What advice would you give to your leaving cert self?

I did the British A Levels, so what I would tell my A Level self would be…

“You're part of the lucky 20-30% of the world that's privileged enough to go to college. So just keep that in mind whenever you feel distraught. Enjoy what you're learning, never be afraid to question the content or the context of what you're learning, and relish campus life because the friendships you will make in these years will last a lifetime and will be fundamental to the person you become. This time won't come back, so don't exist in it - live it!”

What would you like to do when you leave UCC?

I’d like to gain as much experience practicing Clinical Dentistry, and also be able to visit conflict regions around the globe that lack dental care – especially refugee camps and internally displaced people camps (IDP camps) in order to create the groundwork necessary to create a Doctors Without Borders for Dentistry.



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