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Fitness to Practise Policy

Some students are required to undertake placement and training that involve dealing directly with patients, clients or service users. Since it is of over-riding importance to protect members of the public from harm and to maintain the trust and confidence of the general public in the

professions and the University, it is vital that students are deemed fit to practise while on placement. To describe an individual as ‘Fit to Practise’ in the context of certain professions is to say that he/she possesses the attributes considered necessary in an individual to allow on-going

practise as an independent practitioner in the relevant profession.

For further information on  Fitness to Practise policies and procedures click here

Change of Course


Students who choose the wrong degree programme should contact the First Year Experience Coordinator, Nóirín Deady, Admissions Office, West Wing, Main Quad. 

Tel: 021 4902780, Email:  to discuss all options.

The Application Process is now CLOSED


All applications will be held until the closing date (except where students fail to satisfy the requirements required for the course into which entry is sought.  These students will be notified immediately that they are ineligible).

Decisions on applications received by 5th September will be made on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. availability of places
  2. entry qualifications

Applicants will be ranked on the basis of points and subject requirements and allocated places in descending order subject to availability.  On courses where random selection applied to the minimum entry level, random selection will continue to apply to change of course applications.

Students will not be permitted to make an application to change course if they do not have the points or if they have not met the matriculation requirements for the course they wish to change to.

Please note: If students are successful in their change of course application, it is their responsibility to bring themselves up to date with course work. In no case can acceptance of a change of course be cited by students as grounds for poor performance at examinations later in the academic year. 


Students who fail to satisfy the requirements for change of course will be notified immediately. All students considered successful in their application for a change of course will be notified by email.  Students should check their student email account regularly for correspondence from the Admissions Office.

Where the change of course request is successful the student is asked to confirm acceptance in writing to Sandra O’Herlihy, Admissions Office, by the requested date in October. Once a student attends the Records and Examinations Office to officially register for their new degree programme, the Student Record File will be updated and the student will be issued a new Student ID Card.

Admissions Office


1st floor,