We cannot confirm at this stage points required for 2016 entry. This will not be known until CAO offers are issued in August 2016.

We cannot confirm at this stage points required for 2016 entry. This will not be known until CAO offers are issued in August 2016.

Yes you cab make an application for a deferral. Please do not accept your place and deferral request should be made within 3 days of recieving the offer. The deferral policy and applicatiom form is available on our website at http://www.ucc.ie/en/study/undergrad/admissionspolicies/

All forms confirming your registration in UCC can be stamped by Student Records & Examinations Office, which is located in the West Wing, Main Quad.

EU students who have been offered a place through the CAO, may (in exceptional circumstances only) be permitted, on application to the Admissions Officer, to defer entry to the university for one year. 

Please see Admissions Office Deferred Entry Policy and follow the necessary procedure.

Unfortunately no. When you recieve an offer through the CAO, you will not receive an offer for a lower preference in subsequent rounds.

Once you are a registered student you will need to call the Students Examination and Records Office in the West Wing to obtain this letter. 

CAO applicants for full-time degrees must normally have reached 17 years of age by the 15th January of the year following entry to UCC. If you are below this age, a special application for exemption from the age requirement must be made in writing to the Admissions Officer, and should preferably be accompanied by a letter of support from the School Principal and a parent. Please see the following link: http://www.ucc.ie/calendar/general/info013.html

Matriculation requirments vary for each programme and a full list of our matriculation requirements is available on our website:  http://www.ucc.ie/en/study/undergrad/entryreqs/.

The following figures serve as an indication of the overall expenses per month. This is a guide only.

Cost of Living per Month:

Accommodation - Room €300 - €500
Security Deposit €250*
Food (eating on campus) €300
Heat and Light (based on three sharing) €50
Textbooks and Stationery (depending on course) €75
Personal Expenses (social functions, sport, phone) €300
Total per month €1025 - €1225

* Refundable

Please note that some accommodation is payable in two instalments, usually in Septemeber and December.

Make an appointment to speak with:

Evan Healy

Student Budgetary Advisor

E: studentbudgetingadvice@ucc.ie

T: +353 (0)21 490 2151

If you are not offered a place on a degree course, you can

  • choose to repeat your Leaving Certificate.  Applicants are considered on points attained at a single sitting.  However, matriculation requirements can be attained over several sittings except in the case of Medicine (CK701). 
  • choose a FETAC course. There are 26 links from FETAC courses into degree courses at UCC. Further information on FETAC

Transfers within UCC to another course

A Change of Course application must be received from a currently Registered student (in UCC) in the Admissions Office before 30th September 2015 The following requirements apply:

  • you must have the points required for entry to the course you wish to transfer to;
  • you must satisfy the minimum entry (matriculation) requirements for that programme;
  • there must be a place available.

Please make an appointment with the  First Year Experience Coordinator in order to discuss your application.  The application form is available in the Admissions Office, West Wing, Main Quad.


Nóirín Deady.

E: n.deady@ucc.ie

T: +353 (0)21 490 2780

You should be aware that changing  between courses after the start of term may adversely affect your academic performance, depending on how much of the academic year you miss. Change of Course is permitted strictly on the basis that you accept that you may be at such a disadvantage.

Further information on Change of Course

Advice should be first sought through your tutor/mentor and/or School office. 

You should also speak to the First Year Experience Coordinator, Nóirín Deady. Nóirín will give you support and guidance and will discuss the option to change course with you. 

The closing date for application to change course is the 5th October 2016.

E: n.deady@ucc.ie

T: +353 (0)21 490 2780

It is also useful to be aware of the financial implications if you decide to withdraw from your degree programme. If you wish to return to third level education at a later date, eligibility for State funding will be affected by the date of withdrawal.

Please note Withdrawal Dates and Fees:

  • The withdrawal dates are the 14 October 2016 and the 31 January 2017
  • The university will claim 50% of tuition fees if students withdraw after the 14th October and on or before 31 January
  • The university will refund 100% of the student contribution fee up to 14 October 2016. The Student Contribution Fee for the 2016/17 academic year is €3,000
  • After the 14 October and up to 31 January a refund of 50% of any amount paid will be made
  • The capitation fee of €165 is non-refundable.

For further information on fees.

The Disability Support Services Office assists students with disabilities to achieve their academic goals and make a successful transition to employment and independence.  Students registered with the service include those with visual impairment, those who are deaf or hearing impaired, wheelchair users and those with mobility difficulties, students with specific learning disabilities, including dyslexia, students with mental health difficulties and students with significant ongoing illness.

Visit Disability Support Service and DARE 

  • alternative examination arrangements
  • assessment and training in assistive technologies
  • career support and work placement
  • tutor support programme
  • dyslexia support programme
  • access to educational resources in alternative media formats for blind and visually impaired students
  • irish sign language interpreters are contacted where possible
  • note-takers are contracted where possible
  • assistance with funding applications to support individual education needs
  • on-campus transport services

The main student restaurant (known popularly as the 'rest') is centrally situated near the Quad. 

However, there are tons of other places where you can eat.

Outlet Location
UCC Central Near the Boole Library
Café Express Above UCC Central
Kampus Kitchen Basement of the Science Building
Bio Café Ground floor Bio-Science Building
Old College Bar Above UCC Central on the 1st floor
The Coffee Dock O'Rahilly Building - ground floor
Leeside Restaurant Tyndall Building, opposite Mercy Hospital
Brookfield Café Brookfield Health Sciences Complex
Enterprise Café Enterprise Centre
Pharmacy Café Cavanagh Pharmacy Building - ground floor
Western Gateway Café Western Gateway IT Building, Western Rd. 
Nosh+Coffee Mardyke Sports Arena
Café Oasis Student Centre - ground floor
Café Panorama Student Centre - first floor

Each year an increasing number of students take advantage of the opportunity to participate in work and study abroad programmes. 

Whether it is through the Erasmus programmes in Language and Cultural Studies, the BComm (International) degree, European Studies, Law with French, Law with Irish or enrolling in American or Canadian institutions for a term or a year, UCC students are gaining invaluable experience and a broader perspective.  Most degree courses offer work placement opportunities both abroad and at home.

The UCC Internship programme is a fanstastic opportunity for you to gain valuable work experience.


There are many clubs and societies which offer something for everyone whether your interests lie in athletics, martial arts, field sports, yoga or dance among others.  Further information on Clubs and Societies

UCC is located in a mostly residential area off the Western Road in the south side of Cork city.

It is an open campus, with 24-hour security personnel. Security are actively involved with maintaining a safe and friendly environment. 

It is important for all, both students and staff, to be vigilant about their surroundings and not compromise safety.

Further information on safety



Once you have completed registration online, forms can be stamped at Student Records and Examinations Office which is located in the West Wing, Main Quad. 

There is a university-wide orientation programme, which coincides with Registration Part 2.  All first year undergraduate students must attend Orientation.  Transfer students from other institutions are also encouraged to participate.

Orientation Dates


We would advise all students, where possible, to attend on the day allocated to them. 

If you visit Student Records and Examinations  website, all the information is available there on changing subjects.

EU applicants are processed online through the CAO and this is outlined on our website at http://www.ucc.ie/en/study/undergrad/how/.  

There may be an option for some internal transfers yes but the majority of the cases would require an applicant to make an application through the CAO and to compete for a first year place. Further queries on this can be directed to the Admissions Office

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