Monday 19 September

Arts (CK101)

Students will be accompanied by Peer Support Leaders for the duration of Orientation

*ID Collection A specific time has been allocated to you for ID Collection during orientation. Check your orientation timetable to find out the time range allocated for ID Collection, then:

  • book an appointment during this time only to collect your card in Kampus Kitechn. All the workshops at orientation are mandatory, so you must book a specific time during the allocated time range, and
  • upload your photo for your ID card 48 hours before your orientation day, because the photo must be checked to make sure it’s clear and appropriate.
Time Event Location
09:30 - 12:00 Breakfast and ID Card Collection (see note above)  Kampus Kitchen

Welcome Address: Prof. Chris Williams, Head of College

Overview of Arts Degree: Loretta Brady

Boole Lecture

Theatres 3&4

12:30 - 16:15

Students complete the following activities with their Peer Support Leaders:

  • IT Workshop
  • Library Tour
  • Campus Tour and Icebreakers
  • Bystander Intervention/ Consent Training
  • Student Life Presentation

Admissions Office


1st floor, West Wing, Main Quadrangle, T12 K8AF