How UCC's virtual open days work

Our Virtual Open Days and Live Q&As are hosted entirely online, so you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home to experience what University College Cork is about. While we would love to have you on campus with us, this is the next best opportunity to get all the great insights you would expect at a regular university open day. You can expect subject information, a chance to chat with our expert academics, financial and support guidance, and even a virtual tour of our amazing campuses.

You will be able to log into the plataform anytime. When the official Open Day of 9 October is over, you can browse the content anytime.

We will be also live for chat on:

  • Wednesday 19 January 2022 3pm- 5pm
  • Wednesday 4 May 2022 3pm - 5pm

Simply log into the platform then and Chat to our Students and Staff.


How to prepare for our Virtual Open Days

First you must make sure that you register online for the open day

As with our normal Open Days – families, guardians and friends are more than welcome to join in, so gather round the computer (or other device) and enjoy this exclusive virtual experience together. You may however decide that each person wants to enjoy it at their pace and on their own device – and that is also possible. Just make sure each participant has registered for the event.


The best way to participate on the days is to use a PC or laptop but tablets and smartphones will also work. 

Be sure to have your headphones ready! Throughout the event, you will have access lots of useful video and audio content relating to our courses, student accommodation and much more, so if you are accessing the event in a communal environment, it may be a good idea to use headphones to not disturb those around you. 

You do not need to speak or be on video. At no point in the day will you be asked to enable your microphone or camera, so please do not worry about this at all. Instead, we will be offering various live webchats for you to join and interact with us and our current students. All participation in the event is completely voluntary, so just go with what you feel comfortable. 


Navigating our Virtual Open Day platform

Our Virtual Open Day will take place in various booths which you can access by clicking on the buttons on the event homepage.

Check out the video guide to navigating our Virtual Open Day platform.

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