Recognised School Leaving Qualification(s)

  • Matura Certificate (Type B or Type E) 


Guideline University Requirements

Subject pass mark for University purposes:

4 (on a scale of 2-6 where 6 is best)

Minimum Entry Requirements/Matriculation:

The minimum eligibility criteria follow. Proof of English proficiency is required in all cases. There may also be specific subject requirements for courses.

Level 8 2 H5 required    

A minimum of 4 in 5 distinct recognised subjects which must include at least 2 at 5

NB:  Applicants must present a school report showing grades attained in each subject 

English Language Competence:  

The minimum acceptable level of English is 4 in the Matura or equivalent English language competence. Note applicants whose school-leaving examinations are more than two years old should present additional proof of English.


Specific Subject Requirements:

To compare the subject requirements in terms of Irish Leaving Certificate as specified on the UCC website, use the following table:

                                        Subject Grade Comparison:  

   NB NOT for points conversion - for this see separate table below    

LC Higher Matura LC Ordinary Matura
H1 6 O1 5
H2 6 O2 4
H3 6 O3 4
H4 5 O4 4
H5 5 O5 4
H6 4 O6 4
H7 4    


Agreed Entry Requirements for EU/EFTA

Points Comparison

Guideline Indicative Point Score (IPS) equivalence with Irish Leaving Certificate points

Points Equivalence Table

Subject Grade

Score per subject







Applicants will be scored on the best 5 distinct subjects normally recognised by UCC for admissions purposes.   Example IPS 480 = 1 X 6 + 4 X 5

Single Sitting: All subjects are examined at the same time and points are calculated based on a single sitting.

Bonus points for maths: Not applicable

Admissions Office


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