Recognised School Leaving Qualification(s)

  • Svjedodžba o Maturi (Matura Certificate) or državne mature from gymnazijum (Since 2009)

Eligibility Requirements

Subject pass mark for purposes of Admission:

2 (scale 1-5 where 5 is best)

Minimum Entry Requirements/Matriculation:

The minimum eligibility criteria follow. Proof of English proficiency is required in all cases. There may also be specific subject requirements for courses.


Level  8 

2 H5 required                   2 distinct recognised subjects at grade 3 and 4 distinct recognised subjects at grade 2. A minimum of 3 of the total of 6 subjects must be examined in the Matura
Note:  In addition to Maturi, applicants must submit a school report showing all subjects taken in final year.  
Competence in English Language: 4 in the Maturi at Extended Level or equivalent English Language competence

Specific Subject Requirements:

To compare the subject requirements in terms of Irish Leaving Certificate as specified on the UCC website, use the following table:

                                                                 Subject Grade Comparison

                                          NB NOT for points conversion - for this see separate table below

 LC Higher Extended Level           LC Ordinary
 Basic level   
        Extended Level            
H1 5 Maturi O1 4 Maturi 3 Maturi
    H2      4 Maturi 02 3 Maturi 2 Maturi
H3 4 Maturi 03 3 Maturi 2 Maturi
H4 3 Maturi 04 2 Maturi
H5 3 Maturi 05 2 Maturi
H6 2 Maturi 06 2 (school level acceptable)
H7 2 Maturi      

Agreed Entry Requirements for EU/EFTA

Points Comparison

Guideline Indicative Points Score (IPS) equivalence with Irish Leaving Certificate points:


 Points Conversion Table

Best 3


4th Subject 
Extended  Basic 
185  45  31 
165  40  26 
121  22  16 
97  15 

1. A maximum of four different recognised examined subjects, which are not mutually exclusive, will be counted provided they are taken in a single sitting

2. If 4 examined subjects at extended are presented, the lowest grade is scored at a lower rate.

3. Only subjects awarded at the same date can be considered for computation.

4. Optional subjects will be scored at advanced (unless specified as basic), except in the case of mother tongue, which is assumed to basic.


Single Sitting: All subjects are examined at the same time and points are calculated based on a single sitting.

Bonus points for maths: Grade 2 or better in Extended Maths in Maturi examination

Admissions Office


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