Recognised School Leaving Qualifications


  • Diploma van Secundaire Onderwijs
  • Diploma van de Hogere Sedundaire Technische School


  • Certificat d'Enseignement Secondaire Superieur
  • Diplôme d'Aptitude à Accéder à l'Enseignement Supérieur

German speaking community

  • Abschlusszeugnis der Oberstufe des Sekundarunterrichts


Eligibility Requirements

Subject pass mark for purposes of Admission to HEIs:



Minimum Entry Requirements/Matriculation:

The minimum eligibility criteria follow. Proof of English proficiency is required in all cases. There may also be specific subject requirements for courses.

Level 8

2 H5 Required

6 distinct recognised subjects which must include 2 subjects at 70% and 4 subjects at 50%.

Single Sitting:

All subjects are examined at the same time.


Competence in English Language:

The minimum level of English is 75% in final year in 3 hour English or better or equivalent English Language competence. Note applicants whose school-leaving examinations are more than two years old should present additional proof of English.


Applications can only be considered if the examination results show the numbers of hours for each subject. Applicants must present both school results and official results.

Specific Subject Requirements:

To compare the subject requirements in terms of Irish Leaving Certificate as specified on the UCC website, use the following table:

   Subject Grade Comparison:
NB NOT for points conversion - for this see separate table below    
LC Higher  3 hour +      LC Ordinary      3 Hour +    1 or 2 hour
H1 100 O1 65  
H2 90 O2 60 90
H3 80  O3 50 90
H4 75  O4 50 80
H5 65  O5 50 80
H6 60  O6 50 70
H7 50      


Agreed Entry Requirements for EU/EFTA

Points Comparison

Guideline Indicative Points Score (IPS) equivalence with Irish Leaving Certificate points:

Points Equivalence Table


Indicative Points Score













Average = average mark based on the 6 best distinct recognised subjects of 2 hours + which must include at least 3 individual subjects of 3 or more hours, normally recognised by Irish Universities for admissions purposes. Where written and oral are presented in the same subject, scores will be averaged.

In some districts, a grade is given for each of 4 semesters. These will be averaged to provide an overall grade per subject. In other districts, a single overall percentage is given which is an average of all subjects. This will be used to calculate IPS.

Bonus Points for Maths in 2020

Bonus of 25 points will be awarded for 3 hour or greater in Maths with grade 6 or better                                                            


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