2017 Entry Requirements

‌New Leaving Certificate Grading and Points Scales from 2017

The new Leaving Certificate grading system will be implemented from 2017 onwards. The new grades will range from a H1-H8 and an O1-O8.  The new grade system and how it corresponds with the scheme up to 2016 is outlined below:

From 2017, the minimum entry requirements will be two H5 and four O6/H7 grades.

The revised common points scale will apply for those presenting the Leaving Certificate:

H1 100    
H2  88    
H3   77    
H4   66    
H5   56  O1  56
H6   46  O2  46
H7   37  O3  37
H8   0  O4  28
     O5  20
     O6  12
     O7  0
     O8  0


Bonus points for Maths

25 additional points will be awarded for higher level Mathematics at grades H6 and above.

Scoring for pre-2017 Leaving Certificate applicants

All students applying through the CAO from 2017 will be awarded points under the new scale, no matter when they sat the Leaving Certificate. 

The pre-2017 E grade band covers from 25-39% and does not map directly to the H7 grade, which covers the range 30-39%. Therefore, the points awarded from a pre-2017 higher level E grade will be less than for a H7 and have been calculated mathematically on the non-linear scale at 33 points.


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