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Timetable for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students


Components marked with a * are available through Canvas – UCC’s virtual learning environment. You will get access to Canvas after you have completed your registration


Component 1
Component 2
Component 3
Component 4
Component 5
Day 1 Welcome to UCC - Professor John O'Halloran, President Visit our Campus - 360o VR Campus Experience

Canvas Course​
Day 2 Connected Curriculum ​for Students
Nurturing Bright Futures Online Course (modules 4-6) UCC Library​ Learning Resources
Day 3
Day 4 * Netiquette Coffee with Peer Supporters  Build your Career in Ireland
Day 5 Q&A​ with the Skills Centre
​​Employability Skills
Curriculum Vitae
Everyday Matters bitesize
presentation Part 1
Day 8 Time Management​ Guide to Students by Current Students
Day 9 Technology to Make Learning Easier  Critical Thinking & Reading Everyday Matters bitesize
presentation Part Two
Values you will develop in UCC  
Day 10

Entrepreneurship at UCC and CUBS

Cite-Seeing Winning CVs and Cover Letters 
Day 11


Excel in Online and Offline Assessments  Group Work​ 
Day 12 Culture of the Irish Workplace Sustainability and Green Campus Presentation Skills​ Introducing Virtual Internships  * End of Course Discussion
Weekend Meet the UCC Societies         
Weekend More on UCC Societies         


Transition-In Programme