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Masters Qualifying Examination (Business)

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Fact File

  • Title

    Masters Qualifying Examination (Business)

  • Code


  • College

    Business and Law

  • Duration

    1 Year

  • Teaching Mode


  • Entry Requirements

    Good results in an undergraduate programme from any discipline (minimum average US GPA of 2.3 out of 4.0) or equivalent (e.g. OZ GPA 4/7; KSA GPA 2.9/5) primary bachelor degree. See Requirements for full details.

  • Start Date

    Programme not on offer in 2018/2019

Course Outline

The Masters Qualifying Examination (Business) is a pre-masters programme specifically for non-EU students and aims to provide prospective non-EU students with the business domain knowledge as well as the English language skills required to meet the minimum English language requirements for entry onto the suite of level 9 Masters programmes offered by Business at UCC.

Programme Requirements

Masters Qualifying Examination (Business) is available in the following areas: Information Systems, Finance, Food Business, Economics, Management and Marketing.

To be admitted to the University Examinations for the Masters Qualifying Examination (Business) programme, a student must have satisfactorily attended each semester and prescribed modules to the value of 60 credits (20 core module credits and 20 elective module credits, unless otherwise stated, and 20 English language modules credits).

Additional English Language Requirement (provided by Language Centre, UCC)

  • General English Class (Semester 1 and 2)

These additional English language classes are used, if required, to support students attain the IELTS score of 6.5 required for progression to the Masters.

English Language Modules (provided by Language Centre, UCC) 

Students take 20 credits as follows:

  • LC0003 Academic English Writing Skills (10 credits) 
  • LC1101 English for Academic Study (10 credits)

Core Modules

Students take 20 credits as follows:

  • AC3302 Investment Appraisal (5 credits)
  • IS4001 Business Research Project (10 credits)
  • IS4002 IT in Organisations (5 credits)

Note: Students applying for the MBS in Management and Marketing will take 40 credits of modules as specified by the Head of School of Management and Marketing and approved by the Faculty. The MG4046 Management/Marketing Research Project (10 credits) will be prescribed as part of this 40 credits.

Students applying for the MBS in Food Marketing will take 40 credits of Food Business modules (see Elective Modules).

Elective Modules

Students take modules to the value of 20 credits from the following: 


  • AC1102 Financial Accounting (5 credits) 
  • AC2204 Introduction to Management Accounting (5 credits) 
  • AC3303 Introduction to Asset Pricing and Valuation (5 credits) 
  • AC4409 Corporate Financing (5 credits)

Information Systems 

  • IS2205 Principles and Practice of Systems Development (5 credits)
  • IS3303 Electronic Business (5 credits) 
  • IS4429 Enterprise Systems (5 credits) 
  • IS4440 New Business Forms (5 credits)

Food Business 

  • FE2203 Food Economics (5 credits) 
  • FE3205 Food Marketing Management (5 credits) 
  • FE4002 Global Food Policy (5 credits)
  • FE4205 Consumer Behaviour in Food Markets (5 credits) 
  • FE4206 International Food Retail Marketing (5 credits) 
  • FE4405 Food Choice Analysis (5 credits)
  • FE4415 Research Project and Analytical Skills (10 credits) 


  • EC1202 Business Economics 1 (5 credits)
  • EC1203 Business Economics 2 (5 credits)
  • EC4219/EC3100 Economics of Corporate Strategy 1 (5 credits)
  • EC4220/EC3109 Economics of Corporate Strategy 2 (5 credits) 


Further details on the modules listed above can be found in our Book of Modules. Any modules listed above are indicative of the current set of modules for this course but are subject to change from year to year.

University Calendar

You can find the full academic content for the current year of any given course in our University Calendar.

Course Practicalities

Programme Learning Outcomes for Masters Qualifying Examination (Business)

On successful completion of this programme, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an ability to communicate business concepts orally and in writing
  • Critique key concepts within their chosen business disciplines
  • Manage an academic workload within an academic year
  • Participate in group based discussions
  • Display a competence in their chosen business disciplines
  • Manage a business research project


  • The suite of Level 9 Masters programmes offered by Business in UCC have varying entry requirements. The admission of any student to the Level 9 MSc programme of their choice will depend on their performance on the MQual Examination (Business) programme. See MSc programme Matrix below in detailed entry requirments.
  • Failure to pass all subjects in the MQual Examination (Business) programme within the first year of registration (i.e. Winter, Summer and Autumn exams) will result in loss of the place on the programme: there is no provision for a repeat year for the MQual Examination (Business) programme.
  • Applicants must indicate in their MQual application the MSc programme which they wish to take. See MSc Programmes Matrix in below.
  • MQual applications will be considered by the Programme Director(s) of the relevant MSc programme to determine the suitability of the applicant. Specific focus being placed on the subject matter of the applicant's undergraduate degree in order to satisfy entry to the MSc programme in the subsequent year.
Masters Programme  Masters Programme Entry Requirement  MQual Core
MQual Elective Modules (Stream)  Required MQual
 MSc Corporate Finance  specific subject requirements in business or
statistical/mathematical/analytical content
 Yes  Finance  2H1
 MSc Asset Management  specific subject requirements in business or
statistical/mathematical/analytical content
 Yes  Finance  2H1
 MBS Business Information Systems  primary degree or equivalent, with appropriate information
systems or computing technology content
 Yes  Information Systems  2H2
 MBS eBusiness  primary degree or equivalent in any discipline except those
with high levels of software development content (e.g.
computer science, business information systems)
 Yes  Any Elective (excluding Food Business)  2H2
 MBS Information Systems for Business Performance  primary degree or equivalent in any discipline except
graduates holding a degree in business information systems
or equivalent
 Yes  Any Elective (excluding Food Business)  2H2
 MBS Business Economics  60 credits of Economics (including MQual Elective Modules),
or equivalent.
 Yes  Economics  2H2
 MA Economics  60 credits of Economics (including MQual Elective Modules),
or equivalent.
 Yes  Economics  2H2
 Economic Science (MEconSc)  60 credits of Economics (including MQual Elective Modules),
or equivalent, AND quantitative content.
 Yes  Economics  2H2
 MSc Health Economics  60 credits of Economics (including MQual Elective Modules),
or equivalent.
 Yes  Economics  2H2
 MSc Financial Economics  undergraduate business, mathematics, statistics, engineering
or science degree including quantitative content.
 Yes  Any Elective (excluding Food Business)  2H1
 MBS Food Marketing  business related primary degree or equivalent No  Food Business (40 credits)  2H2
 MBS Management and Marketing primary degree or equivalent without a significant
management or marketing component
 No Business Research Project (10 credits) and
30 credits as prescribed by Head of School
of Management and Marketing


English Language Requirements

Applicants that are non-native speakers of the English language must meet the university-approved English language requirements. Please visit our PG English Language Requirements page for more information.

For applicants with qualifications completed outside of Ireland

Applicants must meet the required entry academic grade, equivalent to Irish requirements. For more information see our Qualification Comparison page.

International/Non-EU Applicants

For full details of the non-EU application procedure visit our how to apply pages for international students.

  • In UCC, we use the term programme and course interchangeably to describe what a person has registered to study in UCC and its constituent colleges, schools, and departments.
  • Note that not all courses are open to international/non-EU applicants, please check the fact file above. For more information contact the International Office.

Fees and Costs


If your course required a deposit, that figure will be deducted from your second semester fee payment in January.

EU student fee payment

Fees for EU students are payable in two equal instalments. First payment at registration in August and the second in January.

International student fee payment

International Students can pay in two equal instalments once they have paid the appropriate deposit. The initial payment is due on registration and the balance usually by the end of January.

How can I pay?

You can pay by Credit/Debit card online or by credit transfer.


If you have any questions on fee payment please email our Fees Office at fees@ucc.ie.

How Do I Apply

1. Check Dates: Check the opening and closing dates for the application process in the fact file boxes at the top of the page.

  • For Irish and EU applicants we operate a rounds system and you can check the rounds closing dates here.
  • Note that not all our programmes are subject to the rounds system so check the opening and closing dates for your specific programme in the fact file boxes above.

2. Gather Documents: Scanned copies of supporting documents have to be uploaded to the UCC online application portal and include:

  • Original qualification documents listed on your application including transcripts of results from institutions other than UCC;
  • Any supplementary items requested for your course if required.

3. Apply Online: Apply online via the UCC online application portal. Note the majority of our courses have a non-refundable €50 application fee.

Any questions? Use our web enquiry form to contact us.

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