What is a CPD module?

As part of UCCs commitment to lifelong learning and continuing professional development, a selection of short part-time modules are on offer in UCC.

These Continuing Professional Modules (CPDs) are stand-alone modules and can be undertaken after a primary degree or equivalent has been achieved. Recognition for completion of these modules is in the form of a transcript of results. The CPD modules allow for flexibility in learning such that you can take one or more modules up to a maximum of 15 credits in any academic year.  Students can only take 20 credits worth of individual CPD modules in total.  If you wish to continue studying having taken 20 credits you will have to apply for the full programme.  In some cases the completion of a CPD module may allow exemptions from sections of a programme if a student subsequently applies for a relevant Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma within a certain timeframe of completion. This time varies between 3 and 5 years depending on the content of the CPD module and full programme. 

What can I do with the CPD module?

CPD modules are designed to benefit your chosen profession and ultimately they enhance your Continuing Professional Development.

Are there any other benefits to taking these CPD modules?

Yes, students who successfully complete CPD modules may be eligible for exemption from some modules in relevant existing degree and Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma programmes, if registered within a certain timeframe.

What CPD modules are offered in UCC?

At present, most CPD (credit-bearing) modules on offer are within the School of Medicine and Health, UCC. Details for these modules can be found in the prospectus. There are a minority of other CPD modules available where CPD students will attend classes alongside students on a particular postgraduate programme but you will need to contact the relevant department to enquire.  Flexi-Options may also be considered if a CPD module is not available in the desired area.  There are also numerous CPD courses that are non-credit bearing on offer, please refer to the Centre for CPD for further information on these modules.

How do I apply?

Application Forms are available in the Application Procedure section for each module on the prospectus.
All completed applications are to be returned to:

The CPD Coordinator, Graduate Studies Office,

Second Floor, West Wing,

University College Cork,



What happens after I submit my application?

  1. Once we receive your completed application the details are logged and it is then forwarded to the relevant module coordinator for consideration.
  2. Once a decision has been made you will receive a decision notification by email.
  3. If you have been offered a place you will have to confirm your acceptance of this place by the date outlined in the offer email.
  4. Following your acceptance of your place on the module a registration email will be sent to you with details of how to arrange for payment of the module.  You will need to complete this part of the registration process online.
  5. Once all the required documentation has been submitted and payment has been made you will be fully registered and a student card will be posted out to the correspondence address you provided on your application.

Note: If your fees are going to be paid by a third party you will need to submit a letter from the funder confirming that you are being funded, details on how to do this will be included in the registration email.

If I have queries about the modules available who can I contact?

For queries about a particular module you should contact the module coordinator or administrator noted in the Find Out More section for each module on the prospectus. 

How To Register Online

Congratulations and welcome to University College Cork.

You may now complete your registration online at: https://www.ucc.ie/en/sit/ and click on MyStudentAdmin to login.

The following  CPD Welcome Guide may assist in the online process.

When do modules start?

CPD modules have different start and finish dates. Course details including the start dates are available for the individual modules on the prospectus or from the module co-ordinator.

If I have queries about the application process who can I contact?

For queries regarding the application process contact: Judith Manning, CPD Module Coordinator, Graduate Studies Office, University College Cork.  Tel: +353 (0)21 4903224.  Email: cpdgraduatestudies@ucc.ie.  Judith works Monday-Friday from 9-12.30.  Outside these hours you may contact the General Graduate Studies Office telephone on:  (021) 4902876. 

Is there an application fee?

Yes, the application fee of €35 must accompany the application form or be paid online during an online application.  The application fee is payable by cheque, postal order or bank draft made payable to University College Cork. This application fee is additional to the module fee which is payable once you have been accepted and register for the CPD module.  One application fee of €35 covers all CPD applications in the current academic year.  

How often will I have to attend the University?

Modules vary, some are full days, others half days and some are 2 hour sessions and all have elements of blended learning, where you may not have to attend college on certain days during the module and some modules are based off campus. Please refer to the individual module on the prospectus for further details or contact the module co-ordinator.

Is the application fee refundable?

The application fee is non-refundable unless the module does not run due to insufficient numbers of applicants.

Is there an assignment to complete with each module?

All CPD modules are assessed individually.

What are the fees for CPD modules?

CPD module fees vary and are determined on an annual basis. Please check the prospectus for full details.

Can I pay my fees online?

CPD fees are liable in full using the Student Portal during online registration.

Follow the registration instructions provided with your registration email.

Go to http://www.ucc.ie/en/sit/ click on the red box MyStudentAdmin.

You will need your Username and your Password.

You will receive these on your registration email once you have accepted your place on the module.

Follow the online instructions and during the process you will see On-Line Fee Payment and can pay here.  You will also be able to print a confirmation of your payment.

If you are being funded please select 'funded' and contact the fees office.

What do I receive on completion of the CPD module?

For credit-bearing modules you will receive 5, 10 or 15 credits as appropriate which will be recorded on your UCC student record. Copies of your student transcript can be obtained from the Student Records and Examinations Office http://www.ucc.ie/en/registration/certs/transcripts/. Some departments also give completion certificates for CPD modules.

Why haven’t I received my student card?

There are a few reasons why a student may not have received their student card prior to the start of their course.

  1. The applicant is self-funded but fees have not been paid.
  2. The Fees Office has not received a confirmation of funding letter from the funding source (usually once this letter has been received by the Fees Office the student card can be released by the Student Records and Exams Office). 
  3. The application is a late application.
  4. Registration online is not completed in full.

Note: On receipt of the registration email the onus is on the student to ensure that the fees are paid or that the fees office is contacted regarding funding prior to starting their course. 

How do I get my Student Card?

Once you have completed your registration online, submitted all the required documentation (including photo) and your fees have been paid your student ID card will be sent out to the correspondence address noted on your application.

What is my password used for?

On your registration email you are provided with your student number and password.  This is for accessing the UCC Student Portal - MyStudentAdmin. Initially this is how you register for the CPD module, update your contact details etc.

Both your UCC Student Portal and Blackboard Password are initially set to be the same. 

For support for UCC Student Portal please contact the Student Helpdesk, or else email sit@ucc.ie.

For support for Blackboard, please contact ltu@ucc.ie.

For more information on your Library Password go to this webpage http://booleweb.ucc.ie/index.php?pageID=318
or contact the Boole Library Information Desk http://booleweb.ucc.ie/index.php?pageID=366

The UCC Computer Network
To logon to the Computer network you will need to activate your account. You must first get a logon password from the Student Helpdesk at the Computer Centre in the Boole Basement. You will then have to logon to the network within a 3 hour period. When you logon you will be prompted to change this password to one that is unique to you. Follow the instructions on the sheet you were given by the Helpdesk.


My Blackboard log-in details won’t work. What should I do?

You can only activate the Student Portal and Blackboard when you are fully registered and your fees have been paid.   It may take up to 48 hours between registering online and being able to access Blackboard.  

If you have your student card and the log-in details will not work please email sit@ucc.ie stating your name and student number and the problem you are encountering.

How do I gain access to UCC libraries?

You can only access the Library with a valid student card.  You should carry your Student Card with you at all times.

My fees are being funded. What do I do?

If your employer wishes to pay for your attendance you need to pay the fees yourself and get reimbursment from your employer. 

If your fees are going to be paid by a third party such as the HSE or other large company you will need to submit a letter from the funder confirming that you are being funded.

The letter from the funder will need to contain the following details:

  1. Your name
  2. The code and name of the relevant CPD module
  3. Your student number
    If have previously attended UCC you will keep your old student number, new students will be issued with a number which will be noted on the registration email which you will receive once you have accepted your place.
  4. The Fee amount
    This is noted on the prospectus and will also be on your registration email.
  5. Name and address of funder, i.e., where the UCC Fees Office need to send the invoice for your fees.

Submit this letter as soon as possible after you have accepted your place on the module and post to:

Geraldine Blake/Hilary Baker
Fees Office,
North Wing,
University College Cork.

Note: The application fee is generally not funded and you will have to pay this yourself at the time of submitting your application.

If you are part-funded by a college department or research agency etc. then please proceed as if you are a funded student upon registering.  Notify the module co-ordinator when you are registering and in due course you will receive an email from the Fees Office advising you to pay the balance that is due.  You are not a fully registered student until your fees have been credited.

What happens if I withdraw from a CPD module?

What happens if I withdraw from a CPD module?

Withdrawal from a programme:

All withdrawals from CPD modules must be notified to the CPD Co-Ordinator in the Graduate Studies Office by email to cpdgraduatestudies@ucc.ie as soon as possible. It is also advisable to notify the module co-ordinator.

Cancellation Fees:

If you withdraw up to the first day of commencement of the CPD module:

In this instance, you will be deregistered from the module.  Funding, if already invoiced will be returned to the funding body.

If you withdraw having attended up to 50% of the module: 

You will be deregistered from the module, however, your fees/funding will remain on your student account and you will be eligible to avail of this credit if you register for the same programme (if it runs) in the subsequent 2 years.  If the CPD module does not run within this timeframe you will be eligible to transfer to another CPD module within the two years.  In this instance, it is vital to get an email from your module co-ordinator to confirm the dates that you attended the module.  You will be required to apply in the usual manner should you wish to pursue the module again.  If you are registering for the module in subsequent years please contact the fees office to reallocate the credit on your account.

If you withdraw having attended more than 50% of the module:

You may be deregistered, however, you are liable for full fees.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Graduate Studies on:  (021) 4903224 or (021) 4902876.

What is a Flexi-Option module?

Whether you want to study simply for interest and personal enjoyment, to sample a subject area before committing to further study, to get ahead at work or to meet specific professional requirements, then modules from one of our postgraduate courses may be suitable for you. We offer a wide choice of modules in a broad range of subjects across the disciplines within the university.  

In order to decide on which flexi-option suits your requirements please refer to the online prospectus and also maybe contact the course co-ordinator in advance of applying.  Certain modules are not available as a flexi-option as they require a pre-requisite module to be taken or capacity on the full course is limited.  

In order to register for a flexi-option module, i.e. a stand alone module you need to meet the entry requirements of the full programme that the module stems from.  

The fee for the flexi-option is calculated by the fees office in advance of registering for the module.    You can study up to 20 credits worth of individual modules and you may be eligible for an exemption from that module should you be accepted and register for the full programme within a certain timeframe.

As a registered UCC student, you have access to campus facilities and to the academic stimulation of the module peer group.  On successful completion of the module, students receive a transcript of results. This is your certificate of attendance, an official record of having completed the module.