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Graduate Studies Office (GSO)

Outside our normal activies the following projects are underway for 2019:

  1. The GSO is undergoing a large Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) project to upgrade the GSO site and the entire postgraduate prospectus under the remit of the GSO, including online courses and CPD landing pages. This will involve optimising the SEO on each of these pages (circa 220) so that they appear higher in a google search return.
  2. We are continuously improving the GSO website. The main focus over the last year has been improving communication of the research student journey and in the middle of restructuring the taught side. We have merged the research site with the main postgrad site to create one GSO site, and will be implementing a new design and update in the 2018/2019 cycle.
  3. The GSO has developed a lead generation strategy for our masters courses. We have added a mailchimp pop-up form to masters course pages and key landing pages. These prospective student leads will be emailed up to 5 times per year with marketing emails to nurture them and encourage progression right through to registered student.
  4. UCC postgraduate digital advertising for the EU markets. A Pay Per Click (PPC) GoogleAd campaign began in November 2018. We are tracking clicks through to our website and to the PAC website.
  5. Undertake online prospectus review in conjunction with Web Content Strategist and additional office stakeholders.

International Office (IO)

For details relating to Non EU Projects, please contact Olivia Frawley at

Dr Christopher Brown -    

Marita Foster - International Strategy Officer for North America -    

Emma Connolly - International Strategy Officer for China -  

Dr. Christopher Shepard - International Strategy Officer for India -  

Cliona Maher – International Strategy Officer for Latin America -  

Gary Hurley - Marketing Administrator -  

Deirdre Crone - Events Coordinator -  

EU Fairs and events 2019-2020

The GSO manages UCC attendance at Irish postgraduate fairs. Ideally each College will send one representative from the EU Postgraduate Recruitment Committee to attend along with the GSO. Each presentative covers all courses, brings brochures, and will take details and contact individual Programme Coordinators on return if necessary. The GSO provides details and registers UCC for these fairs. The fairs we usually attend each year are listed below.

The GSO organises and manages the UCC Postgraduate Fair yearly where every school and department is given the chance to exhibit. The 2020 Fair will be on Tuesday January 28th and the GSO will be in contact with booking details via the College Offices.

College fair representatives

College of Science, Engineering and Food Science

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences - Karen Coughlan

College of Business and Law - Leah Neville

College of Business and Law - Jean Tobin

College of Medicine and Health - Mags Arnold

College of Medicine and Health - Jane Hurley

January 28th (Tuesday) 2020

UCC Postgraduate Fair in Devere Hall

Postgraduate Information Day (External Institutions)

Organised by UCC Career Services 

February 6th (Thursday) 2020

GradIreland Live Fair, RDS Dublin 

CIT Postgraduate Fair

February 19th (Wednesday) 2020

UCD Postgraduate Fair

Online Recruitment Events

The GSO organises a number of online recruitment events annually. The GSO runs a digital advertising campaign in the lead up to this type of event. Details available here. Details to follow for the next online event. 

Recruitment checklist

GSO recruitment checklist

The following list is an abbreviated list. More details are available in GSO Recruit List.

  1. Find out why past students choose your programme. If your programme is a new course hold a feedback session with postgraduate students from other programmes in your school/department. The overall performance of programmes in your school/department is important to new programme marketing and should provide some helpful insight.
  2. Find out where your past students came from and how they heard about your programme. If you are developing a new programme please look at the origin of students registering on other programmes in your school/department.
  3. Send out information to all feeder institutions and your network. If you are developing a new programme, send out information to all feeder institutions into your school/department generally as you will have no data for the new programme.
  4. Be clear on the unique selling points of your programme. Examples: Fieldtrips, industry placement, modules, expertise of teaching staff, partnership with high ranking institution, international accreditation, etc. Ask the question, if your programme is similar to others on offer in Irish institutions, why is your programme better?
  5. Ensure information on your website and programme prospectus entry is up to date, engaging and the key selling points of your programme are clear. Have one version of truth, i.e. do not replicate information, link to the prospectus from your site.
  6. Reach out to current UCC final year students
  7. Engage as much as possible with current applicant pool, be responsive to queries, stick to application/offer deadlines so that offers are made as early as possible within the agreed programme deadlines. Make sure to make early summer contact, giving assurance that you will send timetables, start dates, reading lists as soon as possible and offer to answer queries.
  8. Appoint yearly programme ambassadors
  9. Utilise UCC Career Services
  10. Try to ensure a speedy response to full applications on PAC requiring a decision from Programme Coordinators. Please nominate a deputy to respond when on leave etc.
  11. Create marketing content that is professional in look and feel and is attractive to your target audience. It should also be tailored for use on social media or for digital advertising campaigns.
  12. Use social media to spread the word. Don’t create a new account if you don’t have the resources to keep the feed active, ask GSO/main UCC account/College accounts to help.
  13. Utilise past students. Get past students talking about their academic experience. Encourage postgraduate students to write about their academic experience and their career pathway, post articles on your site and share through social media and the Graduate Studies blog.
  14. Utilise academics teaching on the course. Ask academics teaching on the programme to write about their research that is consumable and interesting to the general audience. Share on social media to help promote the high calibre of teaching on the programme.
  15. Attend the UCC Postgrad Fair and promote the fair to your students.
  16. If you have scholarships to offer, start promotion in October of each year and use them as a recruitment tool to generate a higher application pool.
  17. Explore promoting your programme through partners. Research all the links that your school/department currently has with Irish/EU institutions/agencies and liaise with academic and research contacts to gather intelligence and to promote your programme through them. Sensitivity around possibility of poaching students is necessary in this instance.
  18. Travelling academic staff should promote your course, where possible, when travelling for work.
  19. Explore digital and print advertising options.

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