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Application stage

Pre-application stage

  • Ensure prospectus entry is up-to-date and contact information is current.
  • Our offices will answer application queries. Any queries on course content, timetables, time commitment, non-standard application queries will be referred to the Programme Coordinator.
  • If you wish to make curriculum changes to your course, or if it will not be running please contact Academic Programmes and Regulations (APAR).

Application stage

  • Ensure you have access to PAC.
  • Review applications on PAC and make timely decisions.
  • If interview is required as part of application, it is the Programme Coordinators responsibility to organise and notify applicants of interview date.
  • It is the Programme Coordinators responsibility to provide application feedback on applicant refusals, by request.

Communicating with applicants

 Communicate with your incoming cohort over the summer months, with the following information:

  • Lectures start date
  • Access to timetables
  • School/department orientation (if applicable)
  • Send a welcome email. This is an Summer-Communications-Example of the type of email that should be sent to your incoming net acceptances in mid to late August.

Communicating with your net acceptances is a very useful way to estimate full registrations for September and to ensure students inform you if they intend not to register. Remember our offices will send out the registration and general orientation information, the example above highlights the course specific information students want to know from Programme Coordinators.

Here is a list of points that will help with promoting UCC student life as a whole, rather than just your course:

Student life in UCC is great, you can get involved and expand your horizons in many ways



Where I direct student


Request type



Student IT Services


  • Activate email
  • Access Canvas
  • Fix printing problem
  • Access UCC wifi
  • Access student portal
  • Reset a password


Fees Office

  • Ask a question about fees
  • Pay fees
  • Get a letter confirming fees are paid
  • Request a payment plan
  • Find out the date for withdrawal before full fee liability


Student Records and Examinations



  • Ask an exam question
  • Request to defer an exam/module
  • Get student card
  • Request to graduate with an exit award
  • Postgraduate taught students that need to repeat part of their course should contact the Student Records and Examinations Office



Programme Coordinator

Depending on College policy, you may be redirecting students to:

  • College Graduate School
  • College Office
  • Head of School/Department
  • Submit taught dissertation
  • Change from full-time/part-time status
  • Apply for a leave of absence
  • Apply for module exemptions
  • Submit a request concerning a course outside current regulations


UCC Web Timetables


  • Access course timetable






Career Services



Graduate Studies Office


International Office


  • Change name with proof of ID
  • Get a letter for opening a bank account prior to registration

Graduate Studies Office

Oifig na Staidéar Iarchéime

2nd Floor, West Wing, Main Quad, UCC , T12 YN60

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