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2 Jul 2018

Rose Wallace; LLM (Environmental and Natural Resources Law)

I got my first impression of UCC and Cork City when I first started my undergraduate degree almost four years ago. One of the most memorable aspects was the liveliness of the city as well as the friendliness and welcoming attitude of the staff and students which continued throughout my postgraduate experience. I was also really impressed by the innovative actions of UCC in relation to promoting sustainability on campus through the Green Campus initiative as I am really passionate about promoting sustainability and environmentally friendly behaviour.

My first impression of my Masters course, Environmental and Natural Resources Law was really positive. As I had never studied law before and only had experience working with environmental NGOs, I was a bit apprehensive about starting the course but my lecturers have been extremely helpful and approachable in that regard and once I started I found the material easy to understand and found the seminar style lectures which encouraged class discussion extremely useful and engaging.

So far my course has been really interesting and due to the increasing necessity to address environmental challenges and the evolving scientific knowledge in this field this area of law is constantly changing with new laws and regulations being introduced all the time which makes this course extremely relevant and thought-provoking. I also really enjoy the strong emphasis on independent thinking and research and the encouragement to challenge traditional perspectives. Through the course I have been introduced to many new concepts and ideas and I have also made many good friends in my class and throughout the other LLM classes. One particular aspect which I have a specific interest in is the area of renewable energy and specifically the interaction between the law and technology and this is an area of study which I would be interested in researching further in the future.

I am also the Public Relations Officer for the UCC Environmental Society and my work as a committee member often overlaps with my course as many of the environmental issues which we discuss in the society are also dealt with in the course. Through being involved in the society I had the chance to meet many like-minded people and make many new friends, become more involved in college life, learn new ways of tackling complex issues, organise events and campaigns and greatly enhance my communication and public speaking skills which have been extremely useful for my course and will greatly help me further my career in the environmental sector.


Rose Wallace; LLM (Environmental and Natural Resources Law)


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